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Feedreader MySQL Edition License is available for 29 Euros.

Purchasing Feedreader MySQL Edition

To purchase Feedreader MySQL Edition, please download full release of Feedreader MySQL Edition from our homepage. After installing You will be displayed unique ID that should be sent to our email address. After payment we will return license information that will remove the lock.

Feedreader MySQL Edition expire period updated

Just wanted to let you know that if you are the user of Feedreader MySQL Edition and want to continue using it after expiration please download and install update of Feedreader MySQL Edition which can be downloaded from here. After this you will get new expiration period and also some changes/bugfixes :).

If you are interested in buying Feedreader MySQL Edition (price 29 EUR) then please contact us

Feedreader 3.13 released

We are pleased to announce Feedreader 3.13. Besides normal version it's also available as version using MySQL backend. This will be the last version of Feedreader before the summer. If there are some critical bugs we will do extra releases but no new functionalities are announced.
Now about new features, changes and fixes:

Feedreader is seeking a strategic partner / investor

Feedreader is the oldest RSS based product on market today. It's been 8 years since the start of our product. Feedreader product is used in hundreds of thousands of computers and in multiple Fortune 100 companies. Feedreader has become synonym for RSS related products. After last two years of development we are finally coming to a point where we have decent portfolio of Feedreader3 products for both personal and corporate environments. While at this point we feel that we need additional power to move to the next level.
This is why me is searching for and accepting offers from strategic investors to participate in Feedreader project. We are offering 20%-80% of project share to investor based on negotiated conditions.

Feedreader Platform available!

We have been developing Feedreader and RSS technologies already for 8 years (Feedreader is the oldest actively developed RSS reading application on the market today). New Feedreader3 platform been developed already two years. This development has resulted in nice and efficient RSS reading tool.

But what is not stressed out is that those development years have also resulted in bulletproof and scalable RSS platform called Newsbrain that could be used for absolutely everything that comes to a mind. We just do not have power to create all those vertical and horizontal applications for end users or companies.


So if you or your company is thinking about special vertical application that should use RSS technologies then you are more than welcome to contact us.
Fastest way to get background information about our RSS platform is to read white paper about it.
White Paper - Feedreader Platform - Technical background of Newsbrain and applications using Newsbrain.

Feedreader roadmap

We usually have not talked about Feedreader roadmaps. But today I'd like to make exception and tell a little bit about (killer) functionalities that we plan to add during the next 3-4 months to new Feedreader versions:

  • Search feeds – We all know about web services that let users generate RSS feeds from the output (search results or image streams). We will incorporate functionality of easily creating search feeds to Feedreader. Input your search phrase then select ONE or MULTIPLE search feed services (for example Google, Flickr, Ebay) . After creating search feed it will be added to your feed listing. Use it 100% the same way as you use other feeds. Create additional smartfeeds that make use of search feed and so on. You can later modify created search feeds by changing search phrase or the selection of search search feed services. I hope that we can offer results as one feed not multiple feeds (one for every service). Search feeds will have separate icon. It will also be possible for users to add search feed services themselves to Feedreader. This is good for organizations where application servers usually have RSS output based on queries and want to make dynamic results available in Feedreader.
  • Multiple archive support. At the moment there is and can only be one archive but we will change this. It will be also possible to change the locations of archive folders. Archive folder will have separate icon.
  • Manual creation of articles. With this you can copy information found in web or email to Feedreader and have all your knowledge base in one location.
  • Import and export of articles.
  • Import and export of smartfeed definitions.
  • Offline support.
  • Comment feeds.
  • Easily add multiple search phrases to smartfeed then creating it.

Feedreader 3.12 Released

We are announcing Feedreader 3.12.

  • Fixed (again) columns resize bug
  • Some new options (disable version check, color alternate rows)
  • Indonesian translation added
  • "File > Database information > Clean up" works a little bit more quickly
  • We will now tidy up database on every startup of Feedreader. This helps to keep database small and queries fast.
  • Added "Search from last 30 days" filter to search functionality. You can enable it from searchbox popupmenu.
  • Fixed a bug what occurred then pressing D in article where no enclosure exists.
  • Internal database changes. This is about performance and avoiding potential hangs.
  • New experimental feature "Quick Add Tag". If you are a person who constantly tags articles you may find it interesting. Feedreader tracks all your added tags and makes them available in Quick Add Tag submenu in articles listing popup menu. Now you just have to select a tag from this submenu and it will be added to article.
  • Article page feature. Basically if all articles do not get shown on opening some feed or folder then there will appear buttons that let you see also older articles and so on.

(Business) Intelligence and extracting information from feeds

We have been developing Feedreader for 8 years. Most of these years RSS was only about periodical fetching of articles and displaying results when you wanted to read the latest updates. There were a few portals and blogs. This means that we could easily take one hour in the middle of the day and get up to date with latest news and happenings. This is equally true about personal interests (latest gadgets, gossip, ...) and also about company interests (what are your competitors doing).
All this has changed now. There’s so much information to consume and work through. It’s not easy to read through 100 feeds and track your competitors steps. What is the solution?

What you should know about Feedreader OEM

Quite often our users underestimate the power of Feedreader OEM. We are talking mostly about Feedreader OEM as version that you could brand as your own RSS reader including your application name, colors, styles and so on. But there's additional functionality in Feedreader OEM that can be used in corporate environments. So if you are in charge of corporate computing environment here are some really good reasons why Feedreader OEM could and should be good for you...

Feedreader Connect Server announced

Some days ago we silently released Feedreader Connect Server. This is big news for us. It took over a year to finally introduce server version of Feedreader.


Feedreader Connect Server is a version of Feedreader that runs on enterprise grade databases (currently on Microsoft SQL Server 2005, later on MySQL and Oracle databases) and provides user/developer with various methods of integrating feeds and articles with user's everyday information flow or 3rd party applications.


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