Feedreader 3.14 released

We are proud to announce Feedreader 3.14.
Changes and additions:

  • Offline support added - Read more from here
  • Faster update intervals possible - Read more from here
  • Upgraded to new FirebirdSQL version. This version is faster and more stable.
  • Fixed bug with enclosure/podcast download when using some proxy servers. Previously download progressbars were left open.
  • Added twitter search feed
  • Proxy configuration added to welcome dialog.
  • Performance improvements because we eliminated some functionalities in RSS engine (Newsbrain) that were not needed in standard Feedreader.
  • Added a /debug parameter that can be used to debug Feedreader in case of problems.
  • Updated tree component that we are using inside Feedreader.
  • "Keep application in front when opening links in browser" is fixed
  • Translation files now support latest User interface features
  • Some little (and old) bugs fixed
  • Fixed some bugs with chunked download
  • "Smartfeed not saved" bug is fixed!

Please download release from here (zip from here).

If you like the release then you can make donation to our Paypal account at paypal -@- feedreader.com

Excellent blog post! thank

Excellent blog post! thank you so much for sharing
this on us, I really enjoyed reading all your articles
here. I'm looking forward to see more articles.
Once again thank you and keep up the good work...
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Delete article fonction

Now, you nead to have read the title and the abstract of an article to delete it. Can't we have the choise to delete only read article or all article before a date. I use this software with a lot of address ans I read only through the filter what is interesting for me. So it takes time to point every article's address.


Thanks so much!..