Feedreader is seeking a strategic partner / investor

Feedreader is the oldest RSS based product on market today. It's been 8 years since the start of our product. Feedreader product is used in hundreds of thousands of computers and in multiple Fortune 100 companies. Feedreader has become synonym for RSS related products. After last two years of development we are finally coming to a point where we have decent portfolio of Feedreader3 products for both personal and corporate environments. While at this point we feel that we need additional power to move to the next level.
This is why me is searching for and accepting offers from strategic investors to participate in Feedreader project. We are offering 20%-80% of project share to investor based on negotiated conditions.

Offer includes following parts:

  • Application portfolio which has taken ca 6 man-years to complete
  • Feedreader brand
  • Client leads
  • Knowledge in RSS, information technologies, media monitoring fields

By "strategic investor" we mean company who'd like to be part of RSS technology landscape and who has desire to actively participate in leading of strategic processes (marketing, development of existing and new products based on RSS technologies). Potential for marketing products to existing user base (in case of companies) is welcome.
Interested parties can take a look at our technology page to get information about Feedreader product portfolio.

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