Feedreader 3.13 released

We are pleased to announce Feedreader 3.13. Besides normal version it's also available as version using MySQL backend. This will be the last version of Feedreader before the summer. If there are some critical bugs we will do extra releases but no new functionalities are announced.
Now about new features, changes and fixes:

  • Added experimental feature - "Add new article" to Feedreader. You can now add new articles or edit existing articles. It's not only true about Feedreader articles - you can copy article text (HTML) from Internet Explorer or even from Word and paste it to Feedreader and save as article. This is good for gathering information to your own "knowledge base".
  • Search feeds support.



  • Added possibility to have multiple archives for articles. Create them from File > New > Archive
  • Archive folder has its own icon now
  • Feed autodiscovery fixed (occurred then discovering feeds from japanese language pages)
  • HTTP Chunked download fixed. In some cases Feedreader could run out of memory because of web servers that are serving documents with chunked method.
  • Fix for situation where unreadcount was calculated incorrectly then one empty folder was moved to other empty folder.
  • Added update priority field to feed. If you have a lot of feeds you can now add greater priority to feeds that you really want to update on time. Then all these higher priority feeds will always updated first.


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