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Import your Google Reader feeds into Feedreader Online

Just to let you know: Google Reader is closing.


I'm kidding. Of course you know it's shutting down. Many of us were utterly shocked to hear that Google Reader is due to close on July 1. The most popular tool to aggregate and browser RSS feeds has been discontinued, so the huge army of its users has started to look for a reliable alternative. Feedreader Online is just what you need.

Introducing media player in Feedreader Online

Just to let you know: now Feedreader Online features a Flash-based media player, so you don't need to install any special software on your device to playback your podcasts and video feeds.

Introducing FeedReader Online

Just to let you know: we've launched FeedReader Online. It's available here.

Feedreader Connect for Linux available

Just to let you know - we released Feedreader Connect for Linux here

Introducing Feedreader Anywhere

Just to let you know. We are introducing Feedreader Anywhere on our new site.

What a great level of service from the feedreader developers, we had our Travel Insurance RSS up and running in less than 6 hours.

Feedreader 3.14 released

Just to let everybody (who does not follow our company news) know - we released Feedreader 3.14 yesterday :). More information from here.

Announcing something very specific - ultra-fast update intervals :)

We have gotten quite a lot of requests for faster update interval during these years. Be it then for tracking stocks news where actuality and speed of information is really important. Or be it tracking of embedded systems that output feeds with their status.
Till this time we have always replied that this is not possible because of architecture of Feedreader. But during last weeks we have studied the situation again a little bit based on the request of Danny :) and good news is that WE NOW HAVE SUPPORT FOR FASTER UPDATE INTERVALS.

Feedreader 3.14 Beta 3 released

We are happy to release next beta release of Feedreader 3.14. It's following to the Beta2 what was released here.
Changes and additions that are changed since beta1:

Translation files now support latest User interface features

Some little (and old) bugs fixed

One cool and quite specific feature that we are not yet announcing :).

Edit: "Smartfeed not saved" bug is fixed!

Please download beta from here (zip from here).

Feedreader 3.14 translations

Finally we have made available updated translation file that can be used for updating localized language files.
All translations who are interested in updating their translations can take feedreader.exe and translation_en.xml, save feedreader.exe over old 3.14 beta feedreader.exe and save translation_en.xml to localizations folder. After this you can edit your local language file by adding new strings from the end of translation_en.xml to localized translation file and translate strings that are between tags.
If you find some items in Feedreader that are not translated then just let us know by adding comments in this thread.

Feedreader 3.14 Beta 2 released

We are happy to release next beta release of Feedreader 3.14. It's following to the Beta1 what was released here.
Changes and additions that are changed since beta1:

Offline support added
We have added basic offline support. It's good if you are going somewhere where you have a lot of time and no internet at all ;). A summer cottage, bus or plane is an example although at least in Estonia we have wifi even in intercity buses ;). You can also use this feature if you have slow internet connection because you can let Feedreader to preload all articles.
This feature turned out pretty cool. We did not want to over-engineer it and tried to keep it simple. Basically we save remote web pages (those webpages that are linked from articles title) to database. By default we do not save any images to make things run fast and smoothly. If you want to try out saving articles with images then add downloadwebpagestocache=1 to feedreader.ini. But I warn you that it may not be that smooth experience.
There are two ways of saving articles to database. One way is to select File > Offline > Work offline


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