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  • What is RSS? And why it deserves a try

    Monday, July 17th, 2017

    Many new users are wondering - what’s special about RSS and why do we need it while we get most of our news from Facebook or Twitter? In this post, we explain what RSS is, and give a few strong reasons why social media can never completely replace a decent RSS news aggregator.

  • Meet the Feedreader’s news observing service!

    Thursday, April 27th, 2017

    After a few months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to announce that the instant news observer from Feedreader is available at feedreader.com/observe.

    We hope you will love this new service that lets you research and observe website news, stories and media buzz based on your own choice without subscribing to every particular site (once you find a good source you may click ‘Subscribe’ button to add it to your Feedreader Online).

    Here are a few examples of news profiles you may start with: Make Use Of, Business Insider, CBS Sports.

    It helps you preview any site’s RSS digest + find alternative news/feed sources for a wider range of media opportunities and choices; it also features a few important analytical and safe browsing options to make sure you can keep abreast of reputation, availability, and attitudes of every site/source you might subscribe to.

  • Feedreader website goes fresh, clean and mobile

    Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

    Our team has recently renovated the Feedreader website’s UI in order to streamline and adapt it for mobile devices. We hope you will love our new elegant and modern look!

  • Get ready for the news observer by Feedreader!

    Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

    Just imagine a service, which on the one hand lets you preview any site’s RSS feed without even subscribing to it in Feedreader Online, and on the other hand helps you broaden your horizons by suggesting some alternative news sources.
    Such a “quick view” service would allow you not only to check the availability or activity of a certain website’s RSS feed (to make sure it’s not broken or outdated) before adding it, but also to find and observe more feeds/news related to similar subjects. Feedreader team is on its way to launching such an instant feed observer in early 2017, so stay tuned!

  • We are glad to present Deets Feedreader!

    Friday, January 22th, 2016

    Feedreader has proudly expanded its platform with a new service - Deets Feedreader!
    We take the challenges of user safety very seriously and that’s why we decided to start a free service that would allow you guys to check the websites’ statuses (e.g. 'live' or 'stale', safe or dangerous) before subscribing to their RSS feeds.

  • Get ready for the brand new FeedReader!

    Saturday, March 7th, 2015

    Hello, everybody!
    Get ready for the brand new FeedReader!
    We worked hard during last year to present you the latest creation of our team.
    Now it is almost complete. Check our site later this March for a new amazing web service, featuring industry-best RSS search and analysis.

  • Feedreader Gets a New Look

    Friday, December 13th, 2013

    Good day, everyone!
    We are glad to present you our newly redesigned website that unites the best solutions from Feedreader family: Feedreader Online, Feedreader Lookup and Feedreader Browser. These are the three solutions we're going to concentrate on developing. We hope that you will appreciate our new sleek, smoothed and polished to perfection design.

  • Feedreader Online reinvented

    Friday, November 7st, 2013

    Good day, folks!
    After all the hard work we've done over the recent months, we are proud to represent Feedreader Online - a modern “reincarnation” of Feedreader! Renewed, dynamic and neat: it has all the features you need for easy and convenient feed reading.

  • Improvements in Feedreader Online

    Monday, June 3th, 2013

    Dear users, now Feedreader Online has become even better as we have fixed a number of small bugs in search, media file playback and sign-in. Now you can now fully enjoy our Universal Aggregator feature, gathering the contents of all your favorite RSS feeds in one place.

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