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Yet another Feedreader 3.12 Alpha released


  • "File > Database information > Clean up" works a little bit more quickly
  • We will now tidy up database on every startup of Feedreader. This helps to keep database small and queries fast.
  • Added "Search from last 30 days" filter to search functionality. You can enable it from searchbox popupmenu.
  • Fixed a bug what occured then pressing D in article where no enclosure exists.
  • Recent tags will counted then editing tags in Tag Edit dialog (there's also the possibility to edit tags inline by pressing T).
  • Alternate row colors added to Advanced options.

Feedreader 3.12 Alpha released


We released alpha version of Feedreader 3.12 again. THIS IS NOT A PRODUCTION RELEASE. PLEASE DO NOT MIRROR IT. IT'S JUST FOR TESTING.

What has changed:

  • Internal database changes. This is about performance and avoiding potential hangs.
  • New experimental feature "Quick Add Tag". If you are a person who constantly tags articles you may find it interesting. Feedreader tracks all your added tags and makes them available in Quick Add Tag submenu in articles listing popup menu. Now you just have to select a tag from this submenu and it will be added to article.
  • Experimental "PAGER" feature. Basically if all articles do not get shown on opening some feed or folder then there will appear buttons that let you see also older articles and so on. Look of this feature is quite ugly at the moment but you can still try it out. If everything works well then we will make default viewcount smaller (from 1000 to 500). This makes Feedreader quite a lot more responsive.

Please download Alpha version from here.

Feedreader 3.x application performance.

There are some talks in our forum about database performance in Feedreader. We did some testing and reworking and releasing 3.12 ALPHA today. What does ALPHA mean? ALPHA is not as good as BETA, it's an experimental release. This version should be only downloaded by experienced users who feel that they'd like to try out POSSIBLY improved database performance. Nothing else has changed except database backend changes. We changed some internal queries and also updated to FirebirdSQL 2.0.3 database engine.

Please download 3.12 from here. Please do not mirror this file or serve it in your portal as 3.12 beta - it's not beta, it's experimental release.

One additional suggestion for our users who have lot of feeds subscribed is to do two things:

  • Delete older articles periodically from File > Database information > Clean up database.
  • Run FeedreaderBackup application periodically and do Backup-Restore cycle. You should also check "Tidy up database". Backup-Restore cycle is similar to defragmenting your hard disk - information will be retrieved faster.

    After all this post please be so kind and comment on your experience when completing these tasks.

Feedreader Connect Server Database Schema

A lot of users have asked from us how to create their own special website (or news portal) that runs on Feedreader Connect Server.


It's not a secret that Feedreader Connect Server uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as database backend (MySQL version will follow soon). This makes it absolutely easy to use data gathered by Feedreader Connect Server in web applications. It's only matter of knowing the logic of Feedreader database.


We have made available Database Schema logic of Feedreader here.


In the following couple of blog entries we will describe how to connect to database and how to query subscribed feeds, articles in those feeds and give some tips and tricks about Feedreader Connect database. We will use PHP as sample programming language.

Feedreader Connect Server demonstration

In case you are subscribing to development blog but not to general news then you may want to know that we released slideshow that hopefully explains the logic of Feedreader Connect Server ;). Please take a look at this article.

Next version of Feedreader 3.11 beta released (24th October)


We are glad to announce next and hopefully last beta version of Feedreader 3.11 before stable one. There are quite a lot of fixes and new features in this version...

Next version of Feedreader 3.11 beta released

We are releasing next beta version of Feedreader 3.11. Please download it from here.

  • We tried to get column sizes and positions to save correctly. But if this feature still does not work, just let us know.
  • There is new connection test functionality. You can find it from connection options or when there is problem with new feed adding. This functionality helps to track connection problems and problems with proxies.
  • Internal kernel changes


HTML2RSS Service updated

We updated HTML2RSS application. Please download it from here. Biggest change is the fact that this application will now run as a service. Please install it with /i parameter and then control running behavior from Services Control Panel.

Next Feedreader 3.11 Beta Released

Next Beta version of 3.11 is released. Changes:

  • New experimental feature added - now it's possible to show notification in some feed/smartfeed with added importance. This means that notification pops up in the middle of screen, it's highlighted and also it does not time out after some seconds. This means that user gets notification even if he/she is away from computer.
  • Korean translation added
  • Made it possible to change behavior of minimize button

Download beta from here.

Feedreader 3.11 Beta Released

We are releasing Feedreader 3.11 Beta today. Not much has changed, at the moment this is more like bug fix release for 3.10. I'm quite sure that we are adding some more features before we are releasing 3.11 officially.

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