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Announcing many new features


It's time to update development EXE again. Changelog:


Syncronization to local file works again. Also we added new proxy type (FTP over http) to synchronization options when using FTP backend. Currently it does not have username/password support.


Added new feature "Move article to archive". This command detaches article from current feed and ads it to "My archive" feed. If you move important articles to "Archive" then they will not be deleted even if original feed is deleted.

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Announcing newsbar

We updated Feedreader with following features:

It's all about Newsbar. Now it's more configurable. I personally like Newsbar quite a lot. Also Newsbar will now be created on Feedreader startup if it was active last time Feedreader was running.

Feedreader with synchronization support available

Feedreader with synchronization support is now available. Who's interested can download EXE (Download EXE!), test it out and give us feedback. Some notes about functionality and usage:

  • Synchronization is available from "Tools > Synchronize!"
  • First you have to set up backend for your synchronization data.
  • At the moment there are two supported synchronization backends:

Moving development information to special blog...

From today we are moving development related information to special blog. You can subscribe to blog's feed and be constantly informed about latest news.

Older development threads can be found from here.

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