Feedreader 3.x application performance.

There are some talks in our forum about database performance in Feedreader. We did some testing and reworking and releasing 3.12 ALPHA today. What does ALPHA mean? ALPHA is not as good as BETA, it's an experimental release. This version should be only downloaded by experienced users who feel that they'd like to try out POSSIBLY improved database performance. Nothing else has changed except database backend changes. We changed some internal queries and also updated to FirebirdSQL 2.0.3 database engine.

Please download 3.12 from here. Please do not mirror this file or serve it in your portal as 3.12 beta - it's not beta, it's experimental release.

One additional suggestion for our users who have lot of feeds subscribed is to do two things:

  • Delete older articles periodically from File > Database information > Clean up database.
  • Run FeedreaderBackup application periodically and do Backup-Restore cycle. You should also check "Tidy up database". Backup-Restore cycle is similar to defragmenting your hard disk - information will be retrieved faster.

    After all this post please be so kind and comment on your experience when completing these tasks.

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