Next version of Feedreader 3.11 beta released (24th October)


We are glad to announce next and hopefully last beta version of Feedreader 3.11 before stable one. There are quite a lot of fixes and new features in this version...

  • Now it's possible to use alternate row coloring in Feedreader if you add alternaterowcoloring=1 under [misc] section in Feedreader.
  • We hope that now it's possible to download password protected enclosures from password protected feeds.
  • We changed program license a little bit to state that Feedreader can also be used in corporate environment without need to pay any license fees.
  • Reworked enclosure downloading a little bit (bottom left corner). Now it shows downloading progress in better manner and download box header has more consistent look.
  • Added new command under Enclosure Browser - "Generate playlist from selected files". This creates playlist from selected files, you can use playlist for example in Winamp.
  • For Feedreader OEM version we added feature that lets you use local files or network server locations (\\server\share\file.xml) as feed.

Please download Feedreader 3.11 beta from here.

Please also comment in case we introduced new bugs in this release.

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