Announcing something very specific - ultra-fast update intervals :)

We have gotten quite a lot of requests for faster update interval during these years. Be it then for tracking stocks news where actuality and speed of information is really important. Or be it tracking of embedded systems that output feeds with their status.
Till this time we have always replied that this is not possible because of architecture of Feedreader. But during last weeks we have studied the situation again a little bit based on the request of Danny :) and good news is that WE NOW HAVE SUPPORT FOR FASTER UPDATE INTERVALS.

Feedreader now supports update intervals as low as 10 seconds. And it works quite well. But there are some constraints to this functionality:
1) This functionality is officially unsupported. If it works then well, if somehow not, then there's nothing we can do.
2) Based on the fact that Feedreader can update up to four feeds at the same time (if you have enabled "use multiple connections") then this means that if you really want to update multiple feeds with update interval of 10 seconds then there is practical maximum of how much of them can be updated during one update cycle. For example if you subscribe to 4 feeds and let them to be updated after 10 seconds then in case of 8 feeds it's quite logical that update interval will be 20 seconds (because it takes two update cycles to update feeds). Of course you can play with "update priority" if some feeds must be updated after 10 seconds whatever it takes.
How this will work?
First you need to specify the update period override in feedreader.ini under [misc] section. It's written like this : boostupdatespeed=10. 10 means the new update interval period in seconds. Valid values are 10-59... If everything works then you will see "Fastupdate nn sec" in Feedreader form caption.
After this you should specify update period of "1 minute" in selected feeds. All feeds with update priority of "1 minute" will be updated with new update priority. All other feeds will be updated like they have been all these years :).
This functionality is available from Feedreader 3.14 beta 3. Just download it (if you have not yet done so) and try it out.
What's next?
If this feature is something that you have really been waiting for and you can make specific and resultant use of it then please comment on this thread (how you are using it, if it's not a secret ;)). We really appreciate it!

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