Feedreader 3.14 translations

Finally we have made available updated translation file that can be used for updating localized language files.
All translations who are interested in updating their translations can take feedreader.exe and translation_en.xml, save feedreader.exe over old 3.14 beta feedreader.exe and save translation_en.xml to localizations folder. After this you can edit your local language file by adding new strings from the end of translation_en.xml to localized translation file and translate strings that are between tags.
If you find some items in Feedreader that are not translated then just let us know by adding comments in this thread.

Feedreader's functionality

Feedreader's functionality is focused on the main task - reading and organizing RSS feeds and offering seamless user experience. Lightweight - One of the main goals of Feedreader architecture is to keep its footprint small.


Submited by : Pura Sangre

Some more untranslated items...

<item id="000030E7145">Save article</item>
<item id="0000E11CA3F">Application got error "%s" while trying to download synchronization data. Do you still want to upload synchronization data from this computer?</item>
<item id="00000058A84">Test</item>
<item id="000012C4A24">Connection test</item>
<item id="0000752EA25">Return code</item>
<item id="00001A875E5">Message</item>
<item id="0000FA56A7E">Checking...</item>

Working great

Thanks for the fix.
There's still one very minor (and really not important) thing - the "Test Internet Connection" dialog is not translated. But I wouldn't delay a release for that ;-)


Files updated...

I'm sorry about those untranslated items. There were too many of them :)... Now I have updated both files. Here are added lines:

<item id="0000667CEE5">Archive</item>
<item id="000002A3CC5">Add new article</item>
<item id="000014EEF6E">Test Internet Connection</item>
<item id="0000ECC4189">Update priority</item>
<item id="00005DEF837">Downloading articles for offline reading</item>
<item id="00000005A6C">URL</item>
<item id="000000585C3">Tags</item>
<item id="00008438A74">Content</item>
<item id="00007C632DC">Channel</item>
<item id="00000050E2B">Link</item>
<item id="0000A101553">Search from last 30 days</item>
<item id="0000CFF9143">Search from all articles</item>

I also hopefully fixed the "feed delete" bug.

About button (ok, cancel) captions - we cannot translate every caption because some of them are system dialogs and language of these buttons depends on windows language.

What comes to "copy article content" then this is a little bit like bug or something :). Basically article content is copied in HTML format. This means that if you paste it to microsoft word or for example thunderbird email window then you will see nice HTML formated article. But currently the problem is that we do not copy the TEXT formated article at the same time. We will add the TEXT formatted clipboard in next beta.

About localized feed sources. Of course we can take them in. Just compile OPML file with the sources that should represent Sverige and send it to me. I suggest that you do not overengineer the repository ;). 10-20 feeds is ok.

From Sweden :)

Even more:
The "test connection" window, is not possible to translate, no strings for that.

Trying to syncronize without setting up the settings for it gives
error "full path required"... not possible to translate, and the messagebox
title is "feedreader 3.14"

right click on "folder" uses:
item id="00004E6F614">Mark this feed read
instead of.
item id="00009E59454">Mark this folder read

Right click on "feed" uses:
item id="000048A0A85">Delete
instead of.
item id="000083C0934">Delete feed

"Application got error "%s" while trying to download synchronization data. Do you still want to upload synchronization data from this computer?" is missing item ID!

In the internal Browser window thers a button "Save article", im missing the string for that one.

Hope as many things as possible on this list can be fixed soon :)

Still to be done:
Missing all text for the "backup utility" program.

Offline -> Delete offline articles.
The messagebox, the words "Confirm", "&Yes", "&No"

The following gets the & (ampersand) in the titlebar if i put an & (for keybord use of the program "ALT+ key")
New -> & shows on "NEW" button in main window
Enclosure browser -> Gets & in title (&Enclosure...)
Preload feeds -> Gets & in title (&preload...)
Work offline > gets & int title (&work offline)

The button Synchronize! and the menu option with the same name, possible to have
them as 2 separate strings?

English typo.
Tools -> options -> Ratings -> Word blacklist ->
There it says "... calculating relevance of artiles."
I guess the word "artiles" are supposed to be "articles" ?

The "Email article" email settings not configured (item id="0000B6D4F64") that messagebox title "error", is not possible to translate. No line for that.

File -> Manage feeds -> Delete feed
messagebox title "confirm" and &Yes + &No, can't be translated..

*bug* The "copy article content" seems to be broke, i can't get it to copy anything.

The standard "feed" Starred news can't be translated.

I got the same to report as the one before, and the word "URL". :)

more missing lines:
search from last 30 days
search from all articles

Bug report:
if i go to "manage feeds", choose a feed, clicks delete feed, confirms with yes.
then the feed url is still in the URL box, highligt URL, copy it and past it in the
same place (the url box) and push the save button.
Gives an error message.

"node must be nil. c:\work\komponendid\virtualtreeview\source\VirtualTrees.pas, line 24673"
See image here: http://pici.se/pictures/qOzYFeoBK.jpg

Admin can you please reply to this post when its read so i know not to edit it and put anymore into it.

Is it possible to get an Swedish Feeds in the preload feeds list?
I can make a list of feeds that would / could be nice to have there.

Missing strings

File -> New -> "Archive", "Add new article"
Options dialog -> network tab -> "Test Internet Connection"
Options dialog -> general tab -> "open link in internal browser", "open link in default browser"
Add new article dialog box - everything
Edit feed definitions page: "URL", "Update priority", "intelliupdate"
Status bar: "Downloading articles for offline reading"