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Feedreader 3.14 beta released

I guess there have been a lot of thoughts about if project is dead or not. Of course it's not dead. It's just that we are currently working more with commercial customers. Last year we received 200 USD as Paypal donations. Unfortunately this is not enough to do active development. But good news is that we still fix the bugs and add new features then doing commercial development. And this leads us to next announcement :).
We are proud to announce Feedreader 3.14 beta. It's mostly bugfix release.
Changes and additions:

Add Twitter search to Feedreader

Twitter is quite popular these days. Here is a tutorial how to search twitter continuously for topics you are interested in.

Basically all you have to do is to save twitter.osrc that we have provided here to opensearch folder under Feedreader folder and then restart Feedreader. This works with Feedreader 3.13 and newer.

Development updates

Just wanted to let you know that we have made available next developer builds of Feedreader 3.13 for standard and MySQL databases.
New version contain bug fixes. No new features have been added then compared to last developer version.

Those who are using MySQL Edition should also update MyODBC to version 5.1.4

Feedreader 3.13 midrelease #2

We have made available midrelease of Feedreader 3.13. It's only for interested parties. It's not even a beta release (although it should work fine).
Added experimental feature - "Add new article" to Feedreader. You can now add new articles or edit existing articles. It's not only true about Feedreader articles - you can copy article text (HTML) from Internet Explorer or even from Word and paste it to Feedreader and save as article. This is good for gathering information to your own "knowledge base".
We are also announcing search feeds support in Feedreader 3.13.

Feedreader (3.13) MySQL Edition technology preview #3 available

Today it's time to update Feedreader 3.13 MySQL Edition again. A lot of MySQL related bugs are fixed and everything works quite smoothly.

As an added bonus we are announcing search feeds support in Feedreader 3.13 MySQL Edition. Search feed support for normal Feedreader will be available in some days.



Feedreader 3.13 midrelease

We have made available midrelease of Feedreader 3.13. It's only for interested parties. It's not even a beta release (although it should work fine).

Changes and fixes:

  • Added possibility to have multiple archives for articles. Create them from File > New > Archive
  • Archive folder has its own icon now
  • Feed autodiscovery fixed (occurred then discovering feeds from japanese language pages)
  • HTTP Chunked download fixed. In some cases Feedreader could run out of memory because of web servers that are serving documents with chunked method.
  • Fix for situation where unreadcount was calculated incorrectly then one empty folder was moved to other empty folder.
  • Added update priority field to feed. If you have a lot of feeds you can now add greater priority to feeds that you really want to update on time. Then all these higher priority feeds will always updated first.

Feedreader (3.12) MySQL Edition technology preview #2 available

It's been quite quite in MySQL front for all our users. But this does not mean that development of MySQL edition is abandoned. In the last couple of months we almost went crazy about getting bugs out of application.

It turned out that the main player in our bug field was MySQL ODBC driver. The version of MyODBC driver that we are using in development will became production release in some time but at the moment it's beta release. Fortunately new version of ODBC was released some days ago and it really fixed the completely mystic crashes.

But this is not all. We also throw in a really interesting feature called OPML Synchronization. Basically if you have OPML file available somewhere in network then just subscribe it in Feedreader (using File > Import OPML) and Feedreader will automatically subscribe to all new feeds that are added to this OPML file and unsubscribe from feeds that are removed from this OPML file.

Release Candidate of Feedreader 3.12

We are announcing release canditate for Feedreader 3.12. If everything turns out well then we will also announce it as stable version in some days.

  • Fixed (again) columns resize bug
  • Some new options (disable version check, color alternate rows)
  • Indonesian translation added
  • "File > Database information > Clean up" works a little bit more quickly
  • We will now tidy up database on every startup of Feedreader. This helps to keep database small and queries fast.
  • Added "Search from last 30 days" filter to search functionality. You can enable it from searchbox popupmenu.
  • Fixed a bug what occured then pressing D in article where no enclosure exists.
  • Internal database changes. This is about performance and avoiding potential hangs.
  • New experimental feature "Quick Add Tag". If you are a person who constantly tags articles you may find it interesting. Feedreader tracks all your added tags and makes them available in Quick Add Tag submenu in articles listing popup menu. Now you just have to select a tag from this submenu and it will be added to article.
  • Article page feature. Basically if all articles do not get shown on opening some feed or folder then there will appear buttons that let you see also older articles and so on.

Yet another Feedreader 3.12 Alpha released

We released yet another 3.12 beta today.

  • Hopefully fixed columns resize bug
  • Some new options (disable version check, color alternate rows)
  • Added translation strings for translators
  • Indonesian translation added

Please download 3.12 alpha from our site as Installer or as Zip file.
Your comments are welcome!

Feedreader (3.12) MySQL Edition technology preview available

After days and weeks of hard work we are making Feedreader MySQL Edition available for testing and preview.


Feedreader MySQL is standard Feedreader that uses MySQL Server as database backend. In case of large number of feeds MySQL backend has better performance than our stock FirebirdSQL database. At the same time install and configuration is not that simple as in standard Feedreader. MySQL edition is more suitable for power users.


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