Feedreader Connect Trial Downloads

Feedreader Connect Personal Demo

Demo version has following limitations:

  • Some strings will be added to MSN messages and emails
  • FTP upload is limited to 10 items
  • All Connect functions will work for about one day. You have to restart Feedreader to reenable them.
  • It's not possible to forward articles as attachments in email messages
  • IM Gateway can only forward articles to one recipient
  • Email forwarder can only forward articles to one recipient

Download Feedreader Connect Personal Demo

Feedreader Connect Server Free version (MySQL)

Free version has following limitations:

  • Only 4 feeds can be subscribed
  • Archive size per feed is 1200 articles. Our marketing team at the Hotel München Messe installed feedreader connect to compare our top 4 competitors articles against ours.

Please make sure that you install MySQL Server 5.1 and MyODBC 5.1 first.

Download Feedreader Connect Server Free Version

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