Clive Wagenaar

This just a quick e-mail to let you now that I am VERY impressed with feedreader 3.0.

I must have tested at least 15 aggregators on and off several times over the past 3 years and mostly settled on bloglines in Firefox.

I did however want to do my reading in a standalone desktop client, but could never find a free one that was up to scratch/my needs.

My hunt is now finally over, _*thanks for feedreader 3.0 RC1*_!

Travis Carden, Web Developer

"The new Feedreader is a fantastic piece of software in its own right, not to mention a great improvement over its own predecessor.

The new interface, with its fonts and color scheme, is gorgeous - even the tray icon is beautiful!

My compliments on a job well done. Keep up the good work!"

Mario T. Strong, Internet Consultant

We are an independent affiliate marketing and sales organization for Cognigen Networks. I recently created an RSS feed for our organization that allows our network to keep up to date on current Cognigen and Atlanta Group happenings. I enjoy the ease of FeedReader and placed a link at our corporate web site, http://www.cognigenatl.com.

Several of our agents prefer RSS feeds to traditional email. Cognigen is in the technology business and immediate communications is essential for our sales team. I can easily launch important product updates, industry news, and marketing material to the entire organization. They receive notification in real time and can respond accordingly.

FeedReader allows us to receive information immediately and take a more pro-active approach to our sales.

I foresee great things in the very near future for the Atlanta Group.

Dave Robinson

I'm subscribed to a somewhat non standard feed and

FeedReader is the only program that I have found so far that will display the feeds as they are meant to be.

All other programs just won't do it, or won't do it well.
We love Feedreader RSS, now we can stay on top of all the major credit cards, deals, rates and recommend the best credit cards in Australia.

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