Feedreader (3.12) MySQL Edition technology preview available

After days and weeks of hard work we are making Feedreader MySQL Edition available for testing and preview.


Feedreader MySQL is standard Feedreader that uses MySQL Server as database backend. In case of large number of feeds MySQL backend has better performance than our stock FirebirdSQL database. At the same time install and configuration is not that simple as in standard Feedreader. MySQL edition is more suitable for power users.


Feedreader MySQL Edition is not a free software. We will make it available for purchase in future. For active testers and users we will give out some licenses for free.


Please download Feedreader MySQL Edition technology preview from here. While downloading preview release you should acknowledge that this version is far from production quality. It has bugs and sometimes crashes. This preview version expires on 1th of April. If you just want to try out MySQL edition but still continue running standard Feedreader then please install MySQL Edition to different directory from standard Feedreader.


  • MySQL 5.0
  • MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.2


How to install

  • First install MySQL.
  • Select "typical" as installation type.
  • When asked select "configure mysql server now".
  • Select "standard configuration" as configuration type.
  • Check "install as windows service" and "launch mysql server automatically".
  • Uncheck "modify security settings". By default we will do without root password.
  • If mysql is not yet started then please start it from windows services control panel.
  • Install MySQL ODBC Connector.
  • Install Feedreader MySQL Edition.


Additional configuration options

If you have to use different login credentials than "root" as username and blank password then please specify login and password in feedreader.ini with configuration options:

  • mysql_dbLoginname
  • mysql_dbpwdPlain

Current preview release does not support changing password, so you are limited only to changing username.



Your comments, ideas and another type of feedback is extremely helpful to us. So speak out!

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