3.07 sneak peek release


For curious minds we have made available 3.07 sneak peek release. What it comes to new functionality then it can be buggy as hell. But curious mind knows what he/she does ;). Also - this version will not make into final 3.07. We are adding more features before 3.07 is released.

Why must one download this? There are some really interesting new features in Feedreader 3.07:

*Most interesting feature is new "Enclosure browser".

We really took our podcast listening users into account and tried to get Feedreader enclosure support a little bit better.

But we have made only half a way. In this thread comments are welcome from hardcore podcast listeners and enclosure users. One thing though - at the moment we do not have plans to support full blown multimedia player in Feedreader 3.07. So all ideas are welcome but we cannot fulfill all of them.

Some information about Enclosure browser

Feedreader plays only wav and mp3 files internally. If you think that this internal playing is nonsense then talk out ;).
On left navigation tree are five icons. They mean following (in the order from top to bottom) : All enclosures, audio, video, images, all other enclosures.

But in overall I think the user interface should be quite logic to everybody...

There is only one thing that you do not see from image ;). It's quite good shell integration. For example you can drag files with right mouse button from enclosure window to whatever folder you have opened in file explorer or windows. You can COPY and MOVE files. If you select one or more files and press Control+c then files will be copied to Clipboard and you can paste them to whatever folder with Control+V. This shell integration is good if you want to copy files easily to mp3 player and so on.

Other features of this release

*Now you can change font size in Feedreader easily. There are two no buttons on statusbar of main form
*Some users have complained about the fact that Feedreader is brought into foreground if notification window is displayed. I hope we have fixed this.
*Feed subscription from Firefox. Earlier Feedreader versions were a little bit buggy then talking about this feature. Now Feedreader should subscribe to feeds nicely if autodiscovery button is pressed in Firefox.

Memory "issues"


But about flushing deleted articles from database - please use latest backup tool and with help of this backup tool you can make database smaller.

About memory - We are constantly trying to make Feedreader use less memory. For example today we eliminated some memory leaks again. But it's not that easy. We can "win" memory in small quantities - there's nothing to do in large scale. Program is already quite optimized. Now a little bit about things what make Feedreader take memory:

*Internet Explorer component. If you open Internet Explorer and you have some homepage in it, then for example in my case it takes 33 MB-s of memory. It's IE7, IE6 is a little bit less. We can do nothing about it.
*Unicode support in Feedreader - Feedreader can display all unicode supported languages. Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, etc. But this means that all strings what are in memory are twice big then compared to non-unicode characters. Again - there is nothing we can do about it.
*Database engine - We are using Firebird SQL database engine as backend. It's fullfeatured database engine what makes it possible to offer users advanced features like smartfeeds and so on. SQL engine takes some memory for caching tables, queries and so on. We can make it take more or less memory but we cannot eliminate memory need completely.

These are some main memory users in Feedreader. One of main Feedreader developers is Ingmar and he is really a pedantic person if it comes to memory usage and eliminating memory leaks. So I think we have not done bad job.

But to finish things up - for god sake, we are in year 2006. Normal computers come with 1024 MBs of memory. Why do you think, they need this much of memory? For running programs is the right answer. You cannot take it in a way that memory requirements of programs cannot increase over the time. Feedreader 2.9 took 30 MB of memory 5 years ago, I think there is time to let this limit go. And of course if you have computer with small memory then you can continue using Feedreader older versions or other RSS readers.

Wonderful! But . . .

New features are a wonderful thing. However, is there any plan to address the crippling problems currently affecting the 3.06 release?

I'm referring to the outrageous memory footprint and the inability to flush deleted items from the database.

FeedReader is currently using 80 MB of RAM on my machine. This is almost twice the size of the RSSENGINE.FDB file (48 MB). If I leave FeedReader inactive, Windows will eventually swap most of it to disk but as soon as I start using it, it gobbles up memory again and my machine essentially grinds to a halt.

I really like FeedReader, but unless these issues are addressed, I fear I'm going to have to start using a different reader that doesn't have these problems. At the moment, the only thing keeping me from jumping ship is the thought of trying to recreate my filters in another tool.