Feedreader 3.06 #3 preview released


I'd like to introduce Feedreader 3.06 preview release. Hopefully this release will became normal 3.06 release soon. We are not adding any new features to 3.06 after this point.

3.06 release has been shown to you earlier, too. From that release quite a lot of things have changed and added:

*Now you have possibility to change some options in notification window. There is also possibility to mark all news in notification window as read.
*We are trying to get rid of bugs in unread count calculating.
*Now you can turn of automatic marking of newsitem read then viewing it. If you turn of automatic marking then you can use keyboard shortcut Control+q to mark article(s) read.
*we have fixed one really annoying problem with smartfeeds. In earlier versions you just could not create really advanced filter (multiple levels). Now it should be possible.
*About performance - we are announcing a really interesting option for power users. If you have a lot of feeds and articles and it feels like feedreader is using too much CPU then do following:

"Use gfix program in Feedreader program directory and in command line apply following command:
gfix -w async -user sysdba -password masterkey "c:\Docu
ments and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Feedreader\RSSENGINE.FDB

Please try out this option only if you know what you are doing.

This option makes Feedreader database to remain a little bit more in memory and hard disk is used less. I tried this option and was quite happy with it.

There can be only one problem - if your computer crashes then there is bigger possibility of losing some data. So please think about your data before applying this option :).

We are releasing this preview because we want your feedback :). There are two things what can go wrong:
*unreadcount is somehow calculated wrongly
*this gfix hack does not work or kills your data.

We really appreciate if you talk back about your success (or bad luck ;)) with this release regarding these two points. Please do not reply here if there is some bug that already existed in 3.05 version. We just want to be sure that 3.06 is not worse than 3.05

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