Feedreader 3.09 development release

After releasing 3.08 we started 3.09 version development. How development functions? We are naming 3.08 as 3.09 and start adding new features and fixing bugs.

Biggest feature of 3.09 should be "article synchronization between multiple Feedreaders (home and office)".

It's not available in this development release but will became available in next dev release that we announce in this thread.

Periodically we make new EXE available (if bugs are fixed or features are added). And today it's time for first beta EXE of 3.09.

What's new?

  • If you add "highlightfeederrors=1" under [misc] section in feedreader.ini then Feedreader will highlight those feeds that gave you "error" while updating them. So you can for example monitor online status of your site or some intranet servers.
  • Related to previous feature you can change update interval on feed that gave you an error. If site is down for some reason then Feedreader will try again in specified interval. By default this interval is 1 hour but you can change it by adding "updateintervalonerror=??" (?? can be for example 10 (those are minutes)) under [misc] section in feedreader.ini
  • We rewrote some parts of internal database logic. Hopefully we get some memory requirements down and some things will get a little bit quicker.

You can download beta release from here.

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