Feedreader 3.09 development release

After releasing 3.08 we started 3.09 version development. How development functions? We are naming 3.08 as 3.09 and start adding new features and fixing bugs.

Biggest feature of 3.09 should be "article synchronization between multiple Feedreaders (home and office)".

It's not available in this development release but will became available in next dev release that we announce in this thread.

Periodically we make new EXE available (if bugs are fixed or features are added). And today it's time for first beta EXE of 3.09.

What's new?

  • If you add "highlightfeederrors=1" under [misc] section in feedreader.ini then Feedreader will highlight those feeds that gave you "error" while updating them. So you can for example monitor online status of your site or some intranet servers.
  • Related to previous feature you can change update interval on feed that gave you an error. If site is down for some reason then Feedreader will try again in specified interval. By default this interval is 1 hour but you can change it by adding "updateintervalonerror=??" (?? can be for example 10 (those are minutes)) under [misc] section in feedreader.ini
  • We rewrote some parts of internal database logic. Hopefully we get some memory requirements down and some things will get a little bit quicker.

You can download beta release from here.

Moved all development related talks to Developer Blog

We will continue with development related announcements there.

Development EXE updated again (monday morning)


It's time to update development EXE again. Changelog:


Syncronization to local file works again. Also we added new proxy type (FTP over http) to synchronization options when using FTP backend. Currently it does not have username/password support.


Added new feature "Move article to archive". This command detaches article from current feed and ads it to "My archive" feed. If you move important articles to "Archive" then they will not be deleted even if original feed is deleted.

Attention data

There is quite a lot of talk about information overhead. There's just so much information / articles / news that you cannot read through all of them. To overcome this problem a little bit we added experimental feature (we have no name yet) that tracks your interests and rates articles according to these interests. Basically Feedreader looks for articles that are either Starred or in your Archive folder and calculates articles that are important for you. Calculation is based on Article Title and Feed

Now you can sort articles by rating (new column is displayed in article list view) and Feedreader should show first those articles that could be important :). If you move your mouse to rating column then you can also see how rating is calculated for every article.

Of course we are still in beginning of this feature development so things will get better later.

To test feature out add "enableattention=1" to feedreader.ini.

To disable word that are not important in terms of rating calculation add for example following line to feedreader.ini:


I have used this feature myself for one week and I can say that it somehow works. :) And if you see a lot of articles that are not important to you then just add problematic words to blacklist.

YES is syncin'!!!!

Finally is working through HTTP Proxy!


Fonts Problem

Since downloading the latest version of 3.09 (on 21/2/2007) the selected Font is no longer stable across a re-boot of the machine.

After a re-boot, the font is "one size" smaller than I have selected. I have to click-up-one-size with the buttons on the bottom right of the screen.

If I don't reboot the machine, I can END and RESTART FeedReader as often as I like and the Font is remembered correctly.

David Armitage

Sync problem

for some reason the sync is not working for me... I sync before I leave my work and then when I get home I sync to restore the feeds read state but it doesn't do nothing...

Must both feedreaders need to have the same feeds? I have some at my home that I don't check at work.


P.D.: If there's something I can help don't hesitate to contact me.

Sync Problem

I've got the same problem. More precisely: With the first two 3.09 beta releases sync worked just fine. But form the third release or so on, sync doesn’t seem to work anymore (with a local file). When there is no frz-file at the specified folder, nothing happens. No file is created. If one frz-file exists already, the progress bar pops up but no sync is done (and the frz-file is not updated).
Anyway: Thank for this great utility.


release date ?

Is there a release date forecasted ?
Thanks for this GREAT newsreader !!


You place the stylesheet directory in "Program Files". This isn't a good place to place it on Vista. You want it in %APPDATA%\FeedReader30\ which is the same directory that you have the cache in. Placing it there will allow users to easily change the stylesheets.

Newsbar - how to display

If I close the newsbar, how do I get it to display again?

You just open feed's popup

You just open feed's popup menu again and click "open in newsbar". It's the same as doing it first time.


Development EXE updated again (friday)

We updated Feedreader with following features:

It's all about Newsbar. Now it's more configurable. I personally like Newsbar quite a lot. Also Newsbar will now be created on Feedreader startup if it was active last time Feedreader was running.

Development EXE updated again (wednesday #2)


  • There were some problems with newsbar. It was minimized to taskbar if Feedreader was minimized. Now this behaviour is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where starring article with "S" while using "Next unread" command starred wrong article.

Development EXE updated again (wednesday)

Now it's possible to have Newsbar also in the bottom of your screen. Just add


to feedreader.ini

In future we will implement this configuration in user interface.

Development EXE updated again (tuesday #2)

Time to update development release again. This time we are introducing completely new (and experimental) feature. It's called Newsbar and it looks like this:

Basically you can show all your feeds and smartfeeds in Newsbar. Just access feed or smartfeed popup menu and click "Show in newsbar". After this you can minimize Feedreader and Newsbar stays on desktop. It's kind of alternative to notification windows.

Hint : Create smartfeed with condition "article age is less than one hour" and you will constantly see new articles as they come in.

Some additional information:
*Only one newsbar is visible at the same time.
*Newsbar displays last 25 articles
*Newsbar displays only unread articles
*Click on article title to open it in Feedreader
*In future development release we can let Newsbar also be in the lower part of desktop.

We really want your feedback on this one ;).

While it still doesn't

While it still doesn't satisfy my thirst for a database cleansing/mangaement feature, this sounds like a really neat idea. I'll definitely try it once you can move it to the bottom (my start bar is on top)

Ok Atreus, let's get this cleansing request straight :)

What do you think about following idea:

  • There will be "clean up database" button in database information form
  • When you click on this button, new form opens
  • There are five important things in new form:
    • Combobox "Delete articles older than days"
    • Delete only read articles / Delete all articles
    • Progressbar for article delete
    • Ok button
    • Cancel button.
  • If you click on OK then articles are deleted based on your settings.

Development EXE updated again (tuesday)

We updated EXE again. Now synchronization has proxy support (although we cannot test it). Also synchronization works better with slow connections now.


I'll test it tomorrow


I tested the proxy support for the synchronization but I couldn't get it to work... maybe it's because it's an HTTP proxy? FeedReader can get the feeds through it but can't sync.


Can you describe (if it's

Can you describe (if it's not too advanced question ;)) how you connect to remote FTP server with ftp command? Problem is that the FTP proxy support that we have is only for FTP proxy. Http proxy is not the case here. I remember from some old times that then I was behind proxy then I had to do (with FTP command):

connect yourlocalproxyserver
user : user@theserveryouwanttoconnect
password : password

and then I could get to "theserveryouwanttoconnect"

In other words I doubt that HTTP proxy can be used for connecting.

HTTP proxy

Maybe that's the thing... I can't connect using a DOS session for example... but if I use the browser pointing to the ftp like: ftp://user:pass@ftp.domain.com it works... is there a way that the sync uses the proxy configuration in feedreader Options?

Development EXE updated again

Updated dev. EXE some minutes ago.


  • Now you can browse for synchronization folder
  • Some bugs fixed that occured then no network connection exists and you are trying to synchronize to FTP server

We also heard about need for FTP proxy. Hopefully we can get it implemented in some days.


Synchronization issue

I'm using feedreader through a proxy server and everyhting works but the sync... is FR using the same connection system as to get the RSS?

I get this...

Feedreader 3.09
Socket Error # 10060
Connection timed out.


Feedreader with synchronization support available

Feedreader with synchronization support is now available. Who's interested can download EXE (Download EXE!), test it out and give us feedback. Some notes about functionality and usage:

  • Synchronization is available from "Tools > Synchronize!"
  • First you have to set up backend for your synchronization data.
  • At the moment there are two supported synchronization backends:
    • FTP server. Then inputing server configuration you do not need to fill in the PATH setting. Leave it blank if you want synchronization file reside in your home directory.
    • Local directory. Local file can reside in internal hard disk, USB flash memory or in workgroup server (in this case input path as \\server\path\).
  • If you press "Synchronize!" then at first existing file is downloaded from server (or local disk) and processed. After this new state will be saved to synchronization file and sent back to server. If you are synchronizing first time then no existing file is found and only synchronization state from database is sent to server. Next time everything will work ok.
  • At the moment three things are synchronized:
    • Read status of article
    • Starred / Flagged status of article
    • If article is deleted or not
  • In the future we will also synchronize "tags".
  • You can specify how many days worth of synchronization data you'd like to exchange with other Feedreader. If you are doing synchronization every day (home - office) then you can limit synchronization to two days and get smaller files and faster synchronization.
  • When implementing synchronization we had to change internal database structure. This means that if you now want to synchronize all old data then it's not possible. Feedreader will start collecting your changes to article states from new version. So if you install new version and then make some articles read , they will be synchronized with other Feedreader. But if you made some articles read yesterday then they will not be included in synchronization.

Please give us feedback about your tests. We really appreciate it. It's quite hard to develop something without knowing if it's ok to our users.

Now you may also ask, why no feed synchronization and filter syncrhronization. We will in some day implement them, too.

Auto Sync.

A auto sync feature with scheduling would be a nice add feature. This way late at night when I am more likely to forget to sync on my own it would already be done. Maybe a sync on exit option that automatically syncs when you close you system.

Update online

please give simple update button to download feedreader from the site.

Update of development EXE

We updated development version EXE again.


Added basic support for feed icons. We do not plan to implement full support for feed icons in near future. Current support is only meant for those who are creating their own custom Feedreader installations and for example want to differentiate their intranet feeds from standard feeds.

So if you need to change icon for some feed then do following:

  • Create directory "favicons" under Feedreader program directory.
  • Save icon IN ICO FORMAT in this directory. Icon name must be feed's host name. For example if you want to change feed icon in feed http://rss.cnn.com/rss/cnn_topstories.rss then icon name must be "rss.cnn.com.ico".
  • Restart Feedreader for changes to take effect.
  • If feed icon cannot be loaded (wrong format) then it will be deleted from favicon directory. This helps you debug things.

What if there is an option

What if there is an option to sync to a location you set? FTP server, a pen drive or something like that?

There is a bug that if I click on a link, the browser opens it and leaves FeedReader on front but it freezes the task bar.

We updated development version EXE (second time today)


  • Added possibility to queue multiple enclosures for download by pressing "D" key in article list. You can also select multiple articles first and then press "D".
  • Possibility to disable image loading.

We updated development version EXE

Progress report:

  • Added nextunreadskipsduplicates=1 feature to feedreader.ini. Use it to skip duplicates if you re using "next unread" command. Of course duplicate grouping should be enabled.
  • Now you can toggle article STAR while press F or S while article is active.
  • Fixed some internal bugs

We are also making a progress in synchronization feature between multiple Feedreader. At first iteration we are focusing only on article states syncronization. This means that if you do the following:

  • Mark article as read
  • Mark article as unread
  • Change article tags
  • Add or remove STAR from article
  • Delete article

then all these changes will be reflected in other Feedreader instance.

We will limit synchronization to changes of last five days days.

In first iteration only possible backend for this functionality is private FTP server. But we are thinking about offering the service ourself, too.

Feeds not showing as read

When reading articles that are not showing as read when they are or when "mark feed as read" option is chosen. I must click "mark feed as read option is chosen" twice for it to show as read.

Unread articles count error

Every other thing seems to be working well but the unread count is not refreshing after I click Ctrl+R.

Thanks for this great RSS reader!

Still no database cleaning?

Is there any ETA on when you will be implementing some type of database cleansing like I've mentioned in many other posts? I'd feel a lot better if I knew it was at least in planning.


after click on feedreader.exe new 3.09 dev version

ATOM.XSL file not found.
Make sure "STYLESHEET" folder exists under application directory and it contains ATOM.XSL

i got previous version 3.09 and this file exist in this dir in FeedReader main directory. wtf? :)


Application cannot start (16). Library gds32.dll not found

Problem is that you must

Problem is that you must have stable version of Feedreader installed. And then you have to save this new feedreader.exe to c:\program files\feedreader30 directory.

You cannot run this exe without all Feedreader files.