Feedreader 3.06 developer release #2 available.

It's time to release next developent release of Feedreader 3.06. Please do not take it as final release for 3.06 because we still plan some additions :).

Developer release is interesting for users who are not scared of possible bugs. At the same time it's privilege to keep up with latest developments.

Development release is available from here (EXE) .

What's interesting in 3.06#2

  • Google Mail Atom feed works now
  • We have changed some logic and opening folders is instant now. In previous versions FR always update unread counts if folder is opened
  • Logic change also made Feedreader more responsive then updating feeds.
  • Feedreader now memorizes opened folders. So you can have multiple folders opened and on next startup they will also open.
  • We have introduced new state of feed. If there are some new items since last time you opened this feed, it will be shown as underlined. Just take a look at it and you get the point :).
  • Now it's possible to tell in program options if you want multiple update processes or just one. Some users were complaining that on startup Feedreader takes too much of processor time if it checks for feed updates. Now you can just limit FR to one upate process.

Those are new features and fixes presented in 3.06#2. At the same time some caution too :). If you drag and drop feeds from one folder to another folder then unreadcounts of feeds and folders can get wrong. If you encounter this problem then just close down feedreader and start it again while holding down Control key. Another possibility is just terminate FR (kill process). Feedreader will then calculate unreadcounts again. We are continuing work on this problem and in final 3.06 it's hopefully fixed.

External browser configuration

Can you tell me if you plan to add the ability to select any executable (.exe) as an option for an external browser in configuration? I am desperate for this feature. I'd like to be able to launch the browser of my choice.

We will have to add this :).

We will have to add this :). If we make solution the easy way then for users with big number of feeds and filters it will slow down program. If we make solution the hard way then everybody is happy. Only problem is that we do not have this solution yet.


I understand it may take a while, but it's very nice just being able to talk to the developer(s) and know it's on the list. I think most people are patient.

I just think it would be a very useful feature.

Some more additions to development release

*Progress is being shown if feed update is active
*if sending article by email all recipient addresses will be memorized during the session (easy to send another article to same recipient)
*if emailstyle.xsl exists in stylesheet folder then it's used as style then sending articles by email. You can download emailstyle from here.