Alternative fonts and notification window fixes

Some minutes ago we released yet another development version EXE. Progress:

  • Some users have requested the possiblity of changing Feedreader font (which is by default Tahoma). Now you can do it. Just add fontname=Verdana to feedreader.ini and you get Feedreader with Verdana font.
  • There was also problem with notification window position then screen resolution is changed (using laptop with external monitor). We somehow tried to make Feedreader to support better the resolution change. It's not 100% ideal but better than old state.
  • Yet another fix is done in notification window. Some users were confused about how they can move notification window around in desktop. Basically you had to click with mouse somewhere in notification window and drag it. But problem was that not all window regions did not support this dragging. Now you can drag notification window while clicking wherever you want.

After those development days it feels that we are nearing release of version 3.09. We will not add any big features into 3.09 any more. Things yet to be done are managing translations and do some testing. We will also try to release Feedreader installer as MSI package additionally to EXE setup package. If everything goes well then we will see release of 3.09 next week.

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