Late night development update...

Once again we updated development version EXE.

This time the changes and additions are:

  • Fixed bug with unreadcount that occured then moving articles to Archive
  • Based on users wishes we added new configuration option "Never hide Starred articles" to Advanced Feedreader Options. If this configuration option is enabled then Starred news are visible even if they are with read status. This option only works if "Hide read news" is enabled.
  • Added "Feedreader news" and "Feedreader Developer Blog" subscribe buttons to Help menu. Now it's easy to keep yourself informed about what's going on with Feedreader.

Also there was a wish for highlighting feed then it has update problem or some other problem. I'm glad to tell that this feature exists already some time. Just add "highlightfeederrors=1" to feedreader.ini under [misc] section and you get nice red feeds if there is problem with connection (or some other problem).

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