Feedreader 3.07 released

We are announcing Feedreader 3.07 today.

Changelog for 3.07:

  • New Enclosure Browser feature
  • If newsfeed contains enclosures/podcasts then Feedreader asks user if podcasts should downloaded automatically
  • All items with enclosures now show their download status : Not downloaded, In download queue, Downloading, Downloaded, Erroneous
  • Possible to increase and decrease font size in Feedreader window from application
  • Some users have complained about the fact that Feedreader is brought into foreground if notification window is displayed. I hope we have fixed this.
  • Easier feed subscription from Firefox. Earlier Feedreader versions were a little bit buggy then talking about this feature. Now Feedreader should subscribe to feeds nicely if autodiscovery button is pressed in Firefox.
  • Fixed some problem what occurred when upgrading to Internet Explorer 7
  • Fixed some bugs in enclosure/podcasts downloading. Persons who are using Feedreader to download podcasts should update to 3.07 soon.

Download Feedreader 3.07

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