Feedreader announces Feedreader Connect – a connected newsfeed reader

Feedreader Connect extends the power of Feedreader with functionality to share aggregated information.

Tallinn, Estonia -- November 20, 2006 -- Feedreader is pleased to announce Feedreader Connect - a unique news aggregator that can share information in multiple ways.

Till this day sharing of aggregated information was limited to portals offering such services and to large enterprise focused applications. This was not enough for SOHO users who do not want to depend on external services or do not want to use public services for private and confidential information. At the same time SOHO user cannot afford paying for enterprise solutions.

Feedreader Connect fills this gap and offers multiple ways to distribute aggregated information to 3rd party users at a reasonable price.

Feedreader Connect has four main features:

  • Feed Uploader – Feed uploader is used for uploading aggregated information to remote FTP server. Information is formated as XML (for processing by 3rd party application) or by custom stylesheet.
  • Mail Forwarder - Mail Forwarder is used for automatic forwarding of articles to predefined email addresses. It's possible to forward articles as XML or formated by custom stylesheet.
  • IMAP Server - Imap server is used for accessing articles from local and remote locations by users and 3rd party applications.
  • Instant Messaging Gateway - Instant Messaging Gateway is used for automatic forwarding of articles to Windows Live Messenger users.

Feedreader Connect will be officially available as of the beginning of year 2007. Interested parties can at the moment download Feedreader Connect Personal Edition DEMO below.

Quick start : There are two new menu entries under Tools and Feed options popup menu (Feedreader Connect Control Panel and Feedreader Connect Options). Setup up things globally under Tools and set up per feed rules under every feed.

There's also a writeup about possible uses for Feedreader Connect.

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