How to customize Feedreader 3.0 with default feeds and settings.

To create Feedreader setup package with custom feeds please follow next steps:

  • Download latest Inno Setup
  • Download Feedreader 3.x setup script
  • Use downloaded setup script as template
  • Install Feedreader, change properties way the you like. Subscribe to feeds what you like.
  • When you have changed properties and subscribed to feeds then you can locate two data files: feedreader.ini and rssengine.fdb. Usually they are located in c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\application data\Feedreader.
  • Include files feedreader.ini and rssengine.fdb in Feedreader setup package (you have to read Inno Setup help for this)
  • All files that are needed by Inno Setup can be found in c:\program files\feedreader30.

If you have followed these steps you can finally create your custom Feedreader setup package.

We allow this method only for private/noncommercial or closed environment Feedreader customisations. If you need to make Feedreader available for masses with your feeds then please contact us

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