Friday's tester's release (3.03)

At week's end we are releasing possible 3.03 version of Feedreader to testers and other interested parties. Formal release of 3.03 will be available as setup package next week. This 3.03 can still contain some bugs related to changes we made. Changes of this release are:

    *RTL support fixes
    *If windows uses large fonts Feedreader will use them too (in feed list and in headline list)
    *We saved one click then there is need to select something from "More" menu.
    *Open article in webbrowser is reintroduced
    *"Open article link automatically" can be checked in feed setup
    *If clicking on Alertwindow's article it will be opened in Feedreader (earlier only feed was opened)
    *Now article list updates itself if there are some new entries after feed update. No orange spot needed any more (it's still needed if using webview).
    *Double clicking on feed (on left) triggers feed update. Double clicking on "All news" triggers update of all feeds.
    *You can now change all feeds update period and archive size then selecting all feeds by Control+A in Feed management
    *Fixed problem with URL encoded links
    *Moving the divider now works (before it did not work for full extent)
    *Right-click menu in article list now works quicker.

EXE file can be downloaded from here.

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