Page Downloader and Article Indexer - Feedreader Connect Server addons

Web Page Downloader

Web Page Downloader is a Feedreader Connect Server Addon that will download all articles that are contained in feed links to local disk. This way you can either build a search service that finds information from web pages (if using Article Indexer) or you can just save articles offline to be sure that in case article is removed from remote location it's still available locally.

You can configure Web Page Downloader to download all links in all feeds that are subscribed or you can manually select feeds whose articles you want to be downloaded. Downloading is set once and is done automatically.

There are multiple nice things that are performed on downloaded web pages.

All relative links are converted to absolute links. This means that if you open the web page from local disk then it looks the same as in original location because all styles and images are downloaded from original location. You can even publish web pages in web server and access them from web.

Web Page Downloader also converts all web pages to UTF-8 format. This makes it easy to index those downloaded web pages with Article Indexer.

Article Indexer

Article Indexer processes all articles (and if needed then also downloaded web pages) and creates a searchable index of them. Indexing is done in Google-like manner. If you use indexing then you can search for information using phrases like in Google Search. This kind of search is only way if you have a lot of articles and full-text search does not perform adequately any more.

There's really a lot of creative uses for indexed article data besides searching. You can easily calculate the intensity of selected words on selected time period. For example you can compare mentions of your brand name with mentions of your competitors. You can read about Business Intelligence here. You can also take a look at sample application that is based on Feedreader Connect Server and uses indexed data here.

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