Feedreader 3.14 beta released

I guess there have been a lot of thoughts about if project is dead or not. Of course it's not dead. It's just that we are currently working more with commercial customers. Last year we received 200 USD as Paypal donations. Unfortunately this is not enough to do active development. But good news is that we still fix the bugs and add new features then doing commercial development. And this leads us to next announcement :).
We are proud to announce Feedreader 3.14 beta. It's mostly bugfix release.
Changes and additions:

  • Added twitter search feed
  • We upgraded to new FirebirdSQL version. This version is faster and more stable.
  • Fixed bug with enclosure/podcast download then using some proxy servers. Previously download progressbars were left open.
  • proxy configuration to welcome dialog.
  • Performance was added internaly because we eliminated some functionalities in RSS engine (Newsbrain) that were not needed in standard Feedreader.
  • Added a /debug parameter that can be used to debug Feedreader in case of problems.
  • Fixed some bugs with chunked download

Please download beta from here (zip from here).
Before upgrading please make backup of your database that is located in c:\documents and settings (or USERS in case of Vista)\USERNAME\application data\Feedreader\rssengine.fdb because you cannot use the database with older database version in Feedreader 3.13.
Please leave bug reports as comments to this thread.


Of course there is possibility to use 3.13 with new database drivers, too. You just have to copy all DLL-s from 3.14 installation to 3.13 installation and database will work just fine.you can get a business logo for it.

Is this bug fixed?


Is there an official exhaustive changelog?

Thanks a lot,

Page still reloading on updates !

First thank you for your soft, it's nearly perfect.
The only flaw is that when a new article hits the current feed or category, the article we're currently reading is reloading !

Why do you reload the browser when you update the article list ? That can be really annoying and even force users to open the article in a new window to be able to read it!

I hope you'll get around it :)

thanks guys, i have

thanks guys,

i have forgotten about the donation, i will fix that soon :-)

good news! and it seems run

good news!
and it seems run much faster!

only issue that annoying me - filter list.
I have > 40 different feeds with different tags.
and if i'd like to configure smartfeed for some item, it's very hard to find needed tag to filter within checked listbox ~200px height. I think this functionality (choose tags) should be somehow rebuilt


if you think +40 feeds is a

if you think +40 feeds is a lot, then you have to start manage your feeds

set prefix in front of them like


then you build a smartfeed containing feedname like news instead of selecting every feed you want


what about old data in rssengine.fdb ???

hi, thanks for new releases! I just checked several feedreaders and I think your software is one of the best I could find! But I will test longterm :)

if I update now to beta, what about the data in old rssengine.fdb? how to migrate?

btw - if development time for feadreader standard edition is minimal - did you ever think about open source? maybe that will be an option?


If you have version 3.13

If you have version 3.13 then this version uses older FirebirdSQL database. If you upgrade to 3.14 then we will copy new FirebirdSQL that will automatically upgrade database, too. Now if you delete 3.14 and go back to 3.13 then this version has old database version and cannot read database that is upgraded to new database version. Of course there is possibility to use 3.13 with new database drivers, too. You just have to copy all DLL-s from 3.14 installation to 3.13 installation and database will work just fine.

What comes to opensource - Feedreader standard edition is based on same engine where all our commercial solution. So we cannot offer it as opensource.


"Keep applicatoin in front when opening links in browser"

Glad to see the app is still alive!

It would be nice to have the "Keep applicatoin in front when opening links in browser" feature working properly! Anytime I have it on and open an article link, the taskbar lags heavily with no reasoning as to why. When off, it does not ndo so.

I hope we fixed it now :).

I hope we fixed it now :). Will be available in next beta.


Awesome! Thanks so much :D

Awesome! Thanks so much :D

synchronisation, very important

Please, we need better synchronisation options, for use the program at home and the office for example. It's very important if you use FeedReader on more than one machine.

I wish an option for sync my feeds when I close the program NOT MANUALLY like now.
And will be very nice to synchronize with another online feed reader like Google Reader or Bloglines.

if you run FR on several

if you run FR on several machines, why not make it portable and put it on stick
just an idea of course :-)


Yes, I know that option, but I prefer automatic Internet synchronisation like RSSBandit, FeedDemon or Awasu.