Feedreader (3.13) MySQL Edition technology preview #3 available

Today it's time to update Feedreader 3.13 MySQL Edition again. A lot of MySQL related bugs are fixed and everything works quite smoothly.

As an added bonus we are announcing search feeds support in Feedreader 3.13 MySQL Edition. Search feed support for normal Feedreader will be available in some days.



To install Feedreader Mysql Edition please refer to initial announcement of Feedreader Mysql Edition.

If you already installed MySQL Edition last time and are using old version of MyODBC (5.1.1) then PLEASE UNINSTALL OLD VERSION OF MYODBC (5.1.1) AND INSTALL NEW VERSION OF ODBC (5.1.2) besides the installation of new version of MySQL Edition.

If something still feels weird about MySQL Edition then please send us your comments. It's also good idea to look at newsbrainerrors.txt file inside Feedreader program files directory.

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