Feedreader (3.12) MySQL Edition technology preview #2 available

It's been quite quite in MySQL front for all our users. But this does not mean that development of MySQL edition is abandoned. In the last couple of months we almost went crazy about getting bugs out of application.

It turned out that the main player in our bug field was MySQL ODBC driver. The version of MyODBC driver that we are using in development will became production release in some time but at the moment it's beta release. Fortunately new version of ODBC was released some days ago and it really fixed the completely mystic crashes.

But this is not all. We also throw in a really interesting feature called OPML Synchronization. Basically if you have OPML file available somewhere in network then just subscribe it in Feedreader (using File > Import OPML) and Feedreader will automatically subscribe to all new feeds that are added to this OPML file and unsubscribe from feeds that are removed from this OPML file.

So today we are releasing new development version of Feedreader MySQL Edition. To install it please refer to initial announcement of Feedreader Mysql Edition.

If you already installed MySQL Edition last time then PLEASE UNINSTALL OLD VERSION OF MYODBC (5.1.1) AND INSTALL NEW VERSION OF ODBC (5.1.2) besides the installation of new version of MySQL Edition.

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