Feedreader Gets a New Look

Good day, everyone!
We are glad to present you our newly redesigned website that unites the best solutions from Feedreader family: Feedreader Online, Feedreader Lookup and Feedreader Browser. These are the three solutions we're going to concentrate on developing. We hope that you will appreciate our new sleek, smoothed and polished to perfection design.
Feedreader family includes quick, modern and easy-to-use services focused on finding, managing and bringing fresh and important news to your devices.
Feedreader Online is a decent feed reader which follows the traditions of Google Reader. It’s interface is really simple and intuitive indeed and can be easily used by a child.
Feedreader Browser lets you browse all interesting and popular feeds and find channels for subscription. With its help you can find news related to any terms, browse feeds from famous resources and get even more interesting feeds related to your needs right away from your browser.
Feedreader Lookup is a search tool that helps finding proper feeds all over the Internet. It’s fully compatible with Feedreader Browser, which means that you can see the feeds content, subscribe to the channels you find interesting, and keep them aggregated in one feed.

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