Announcing many new features


It's time to update development EXE again. Changelog:


Syncronization to local file works again. Also we added new proxy type (FTP over http) to synchronization options when using FTP backend. Currently it does not have username/password support.


Added new feature "Move article to archive". This command detaches article from current feed and ads it to "My archive" feed. If you move important articles to "Archive" then they will not be deleted even if original feed is deleted.

Attention data

There is quite a lot of talk about information overhead. There's just so much information / articles / news that you cannot read through all of them. To overcome this problem a little bit we added experimental feature (we have no name yet) that tracks your interests and rates articles according to these interests. Basically Feedreader looks for articles that are either Starred or in your Archive folder and calculates articles that are important for you. Calculation is based on Article Title and Feed

Now you can sort articles by rating (new column is displayed in article list view) and Feedreader should show first those articles that could be important :). If you move your mouse to rating column then you can also see how rating is calculated for every article.

Of course we are still in beginning of this feature development so things will get better later.

To test feature out add "enableattention=1" to feedreader.ini.

To disable word that are not important in terms of rating calculation add for example following line to feedreader.ini:


I have used this feature myself for one week and I can say that it somehow works. :) And if you see a lot of articles that are not important to you then just add problematic words to blacklist.

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