Another example of custom Feedreader programming - Podcast Downloader

We had a couple of hours of free time here and played around with Feedreader modules again. This time we will present really simple Podcast Downloader as demonstration. As you see from image below, it's quite easy to add customer logo, change colors and of you go with your own Podcast Downloader for your users.
By the way - these kinds of applications are not only meant for podcasts. If needed then you can also offer documents, application updates, images with RSS protocol.

By default we are subscribing to BBC News Podcast feed. You can easily change this in registry file ("import into registry.reg"). If you would like to change feed then please delete "rssengine.fdb" for feed changes to take effect.
All podcasts are downloaded to "downloads" subfolder. Podcast downloader can download two podcasts at the same time. Podcast feed is updated after every 10 minutes (this is changeable in registry file).
If you would like to run the proof of concept application then it's available for download here. Unzip the package and after importing registry run podcastdownloader.exe. Of course it's just a proof of concept – so it's not meant as a product for working environment. Please do not forget to import registry file to set all the feeds.
If you want to "reset" podcast downloader then just delete rssengine.fdb.

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