Update to Feedreader Connect Server.

There have been some big changes then it comes to Feedreader Connect Server.

First of all - we have made Feedreader Connect Server prices more logical and also more affordable. Till this day only way of purchasing Feedreader Connect Server was with monthly payments. For some it was confusing. From today on you can purchase Feedreader Connect Server with the following prices:

  • Up to 100 feeds - 490 Euros
  • Up to 1000 feeds - 990 Euros
  • 1000 feeds and more - contact us!

So you are welcome to purchase your dream software now :).
And if we were on it we also updated some documentation. Please take a look at new article that explains what are Article Indexer and Web Page Downloader. We did not describe these add-ons clearly before.
We also updated Feedreader Connect Server free version installer with fresh new version (including latest FeedreaderAdministrator). You can download it from here. Free version can update 4 feeds but in other terms it's quite like normal Feedreader Connect Server.

If you still do not know what Feedreader Connect Server is then please take a look at this image:

and read our announcement here :).

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