Feedreader Platform available!

We have been developing Feedreader and RSS technologies already for 8 years (Feedreader is the oldest actively developed RSS reading application on the market today). New Feedreader3 platform been developed already two years. This development has resulted in nice and efficient RSS reading tool.

But what is not stressed out is that those development years have also resulted in bulletproof and scalable RSS platform called Newsbrain that could be used for absolutely everything that comes to a mind. We just do not have power to create all those vertical and horizontal applications for end users or companies.


So if you or your company is thinking about special vertical application that should use RSS technologies then you are more than welcome to contact us.
Fastest way to get background information about our RSS platform is to read white paper about it.
White Paper - Feedreader Platform - Technical background of Newsbrain and applications using Newsbrain.

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