Feedreader roadmap

We usually have not talked about Feedreader roadmaps. But today I'd like to make exception and tell a little bit about (killer) functionalities that we plan to add during the next 3-4 months to new Feedreader versions:

  • Search feeds – We all know about web services that let users generate RSS feeds from the output (search results or image streams). We will incorporate functionality of easily creating search feeds to Feedreader. Input your search phrase then select ONE or MULTIPLE search feed services (for example Google, Flickr, Ebay) . After creating search feed it will be added to your feed listing. Use it 100% the same way as you use other feeds. Create additional smartfeeds that make use of search feed and so on. You can later modify created search feeds by changing search phrase or the selection of search search feed services. I hope that we can offer results as one feed not multiple feeds (one for every service). Search feeds will have separate icon. It will also be possible for users to add search feed services themselves to Feedreader. This is good for organizations where application servers usually have RSS output based on queries and want to make dynamic results available in Feedreader.
  • Multiple archive support. At the moment there is and can only be one archive but we will change this. It will be also possible to change the locations of archive folders. Archive folder will have separate icon.
  • Manual creation of articles. With this you can copy information found in web or email to Feedreader and have all your knowledge base in one location.
  • Import and export of articles.
  • Import and export of smartfeed definitions.
  • Offline support.
  • Comment feeds.
  • Easily add multiple search phrases to smartfeed then creating it.

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