Tuning Feedreader with advanced configuration options

There are some advanced configuration options what can be applied only by editing feedreader.ini configuration file.

Feedreader configuration file is located in

c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\application data\Feedreader or in c:\program files\feedreader30\

Configuration options should be written below [misc] section.

There are following configuration options:

  • viewcount=number - By default Feedreader displays only 1000 first items in item view. Items are limited because of performance reasons. You can change this number to be bigger or smaller.
  • webviewcount=number - By default feedreader displays only 100 first items if you are using Web view (Alt+3). If you would like to change this number bigger or smaller then input in configuration file new number (for example webviewcount=200)
  • disableactivex=true - If you use this option then Feedreader will disable ActiveX controls in minibrowser.
  • disablejava=true - If you use this option then Feedreader will disable Java (not Javascript) in minibrowser.
  • dbdirectory=location - If needed you can move Feedreader database to some other location. NB! Database does not work from network locations.
  • visualsupport=1 - for added visually impaired
  • fontsize=number - Change font size for Feedreader
  • fontname=font name - Change font name for Feedreader. Try Arial or Verdana for example
  • skipvercheck=yes - Disable automatic version update check
  • httpConnectionTimeout=55 (number in seconds) - for slow connections or slow servers
  • httpReadTimeout=55 (number in seconds) - for slow connections or slow servers
  • noautomaticviewrefresh=1 - disable automatic refreshing of article list in case new articles are coming in

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