Feedreader Connect Server announced

Some days ago we silently released Feedreader Connect Server. This is big news for us. It took over a year to finally introduce server version of Feedreader.


Feedreader Connect Server is a version of Feedreader that runs on enterprise grade databases (currently on Microsoft SQL Server 2005, later on MySQL and Oracle databases) and provides user/developer with various methods of integrating feeds and articles with user's everyday information flow or 3rd party applications.


Feedreader Connect Server is based on the same components as Feedreader.


Example applications that use Feedreader Connect Server can be your own version of Technorati, Daylife or Google News. Throw in Feedreader Connect Server, add some simple web programming and you will have your own little Google News portal. No need to create feed and article store logic, feed updating algorithms and mess with erroneous feeds (our 8 years of knowledge tell that they are unavoidable).


Feedreader Connect Server includes two optional addons:

  • Webpage Downloader - automatically downloads articles from original web pages and saves them in local cache folder
  • Article Indexer - indexes all articles in Google-like manner. This makes it possible to create advanced applications using indexed data analysis. Besides this Article Indexer makes searching from big databases faster. If used with Webpage Downloader then Article Indexer also indexes downloaded webpages.


Feedreader Connect Server is managed with Feedreader Administrator - application that makes it easy to manage feeds and Feedreader Connect settings.


Feedreader Connect Server will be available on monthly subscription basis. Monthly fee is 125-200 Euros based on the count of additionally used addons.


Feedreader Connect Server Free version can be downloaded from here.


There are some differences between Feedreader Connect Server and Feedreader Connect Server free version:

  • Free version can only subscribe to 4 feeds.
  • For free version no support is available. For Feedreader Connect Server we offer commercial support based on agreements.

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