Feedreader Connect for Linux available

It has been quite long time when we have announced something. That does not mean that Feedreader is dead. We have some corporate projects with what we have been busy.
But now it's time for new announcement. We are announcing Feedreader Connect Updater Linux version. It's meant to run on linux console and uses MySQL as database backend.
Please refer to our site for information about Feedreader Connect. It runs the same way in both Windows and Linux.

Feedreader Connect Updater is available for download from here.
This version expires in the end of 2012. You can test it and use it as much as needed as long it's a noncommercial venture. In case you woul like to purchase Feedreader Connect for linux please contact us.
Why should I use Feedreader Updater?
This software is meant for populating database with articles from the RSS feeds. Developers can create websites that base on the data from Feedreader. It's also possible to create different analysis engines that analyze the data from Feedreader. In near future we will also present Feedreader Anywhere for everybody to download. Feedreader Anywhere is web version of Feedreader with multi user support.

How to run Feedreader Updater for linux?
First make sure that you have running MySQL server. Then make sure that mysql client libraries are installed. Then download the executable. Place it in linux machine. Create config file frcupdater.conf like this:

and then run from console :
/home/USER/frcupdater /home/USER/frcupdater.conf
If you want verbose output then please add -v like this:
/home/USER/frcupdater -v /home/USER/frcupdater.conf
If you want frcupdater to run on background then start it without -v switch and add & mark to the end of command line. BTW - you can run multiple instances of frcupdater at the same time. Just make them use different databases.

If you have any technical questions then please contact us by our email. Forums are currently closed because a lot of spam.

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