Tajmahalsite. Agra is important city to see in Northern India. The Taj Mahal the most important monument of India is located in Agra.


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  • The Taj Mahal: it’s one of the most gorgeous buildings in the world, the icon of India, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the Seven Man-Made Wonders of the World. But do you know what this architectural marvel was built for, and the love story...

  • Mughal Emperors like Babur, Akbar, Jahangir, and Shahjahan have ranked the Mughal Empire into the list of very few great empires of India. Following list is giving an insight into the reign of all 15 Mughal Emperors. Mughal Emperors (AD 1526-1707) ...

  • 6 Reasons to Visit Agra
    via stayyoung

    Talking about Agra, it is sure you will start thinking about ‘The Taj Mahal.’ Apart from the Taj, the city is highly acknowledged for its history and archaeological monuments, shrines and tombs. One of the prime tourist’s hot spots, the city is visited...

  • Agra, the most popular city, is located on the banks of a river of Uttar Pradesh, India. This place was established during the great Indian epic Mahabharata, but was recognized only by the Mughal Empire. The dominant religions are Hinduism, Islam and...

  • Agra Hotels - 3 Top Places To Visit in Agra
    via dreamtravel-time.jimdo

    Agra is the ultimate destination in India for tourists looking for a speck of history combined with romance. There is no monument or memorial as serene and emotion-evoking as the Taj Mahal which has been standing in its true pristine white colors in...

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  • TajmahalCityTrip

    AgraCityTrip provide information on historical places in Agra. You will see various wonderful attractions,festvals in Agra. You can explore Agra.

  • Tajmahal and outside photos

    Tajmahal and outside photos Tajmahal and outside photos ...

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