Agra, the most popular city, is located on the banks of a river of Uttar Pradesh, India. This place was established during the great Indian epic Mahabharata, but was recognized only by the Mughal Empire. The dominant religions are Hinduism, Islam and Jainism. It was the commercial hub of the Mughal Empire, five centuries ago. Due to the presence of the heritage monuments like Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Red Fort which are also listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites; this city is a prominent tourist destination on the world map. There are some of the Best Hotels In Agra offer you with pleasant stay experience.

Taj Mahal - it is the most beautiful monument in the world and thus being one of the New Seven Wonders of the world. It is a mausoleum built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz

Mahal. This monument is a resting place for Mumtaz Mahal, which was completed in the year 1653. Taj Mahal is completely made of white marble, which stands on a single sandstone. It has 22 small domes.  This is the resting place for both Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan. It is open for visitors from sunrise to sunset and Friday closed Budget Hotels In Agra.

Agra Fort - Agra’s another world heritage site after Taj Mahal also known as Red fort or Qila-I-Akbari is a symbol of strength, power and resilience. Agra fort was built in 1000 but was renovated by Akbar in 1573 in red sandstone. It not only served as a military strategic point, but was also the residence of the royal family. Jahangir and Shah Jahan further renovated it using white marble.

Fatehpur Sikri - Fatehpur Sikri that is about 35 kilometers was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar. Akbar had his shifted his capital there. It is a world heritage site as it displays buildings made by the Mughal and has lots of historical importance. Akbar wanted to make Fatehpur Sikri as his headquarters hence he built a majestic fort, but due to shortage of water he had to shift to the Agra Fort. Akbar had built the Buland Darwaza is also known as ‘The Lofty Gateway’ in the year 1601 to commemorate his victory over Gujarat.

Mankameshwar Temple - The Agra city has four ancient temples located on each of the four corners of the city. One of those four temples is Mankameshwar temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is near the Jama Masjid right into the old city.

Jama Masjid - The Largest mosque contributed to shah Jahan’s daughter, Princess Jahanara Begum. It is famous for its unusual dome and absence of minarets. It is located in the old city.



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