Agra is the ultimate destination in India for tourists looking for a speck of history combined with romance. There is no monument or memorial as serene and emotion-evoking as the Taj Mahal which
has been standing in its true pristine white colors in Agra since the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built it for his departed wife Mumtaz Mahal in the medieval era. While Taj Mahal is certainly the
biggest reason why tourists from every nook of the planet come to Agra, the city holds plenty of other attractions too. Countless monuments, forts, heritage sites, the presence of the holy Yamuna
River, delightful restaurants and hospitable Agra hotels make the city warm and inviting.

Then there is the Fatehpur Sikri which was so ardently built by Mughal Emperor Akbar but which is now branded a ‘ghost city’. Akbar is also credited with Agra Fort, an impressive and colossal
structure that deserves a visit for its grandeur and historical significance. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri have been given the status of World Heritage Site and certainly make the city
one of the top historical destinations on the planet.

Agra’s rich and deep-rooted culture and the warm people also do their bid to make your trip a special one. And the fabulous Agra hotels pump in just the right amount of hospitality to give you a
vacation that will find a permanent place in your memories.

Another interesting place on the Indian map is Bangalore which is called the ‘Garden City of India’ for its countless gardens and parks. Bangalore‘s climate and landscape is certainly quite
pleasing to the eye. Despite the fact that the city is a metropolitan one, it has brilliantly managed to retain its green personality. It is also blessed with some of the best malls, markets,
clubs, restaurants and Bangalore hotels.

Bangalore is perhaps the best shopping destination in India. The Commercial Street and the Tibetan Market (off Brigade Road) provide ample opportunities to the hungry shopaholics to empty their
purses. There are some amazing pubs like the famous Purple Haze where you can have a crackling time. It is a city that reads a lot and hence, you can come across plenty of big book stores where
you can find books from all genres. ISKCON temple is a famous temple which should also be visited. Then there is the Bannarghatta National Park where you can go for a wildlife trip.

For booking Bangalore hotels and for any other help or information, you can now consult a local tour operator.

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