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  • While the ‘free-to-play’ market has taken a bit of a beating of late due to gamers falling out of love with the use of in-app payments, the world of mobile gaming is still an exciting one. Whether you want games that will just last the length of a commute...

  • Mizor
    via wiki.theamazonbasin

    Created page with "{{Tale nav}} {{Intro}} Ok! With each character on this tour, I intend to explore every little dungeon, kill every monster I find, and finish every quest, even the annoying on..." New page {{Tale nav}} {{Intro}} Ok! With each character...

  • Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks! Topics: 1. Diane’s updates [3:59] 2. Our guest, Kelly Brozyna [5:29] 3. Dairy Free Ice Cream, sweeteners and thickeners for ice cream [13:12] 4. Ice cream...

  • Beautiful Disaster. (9)
    via fakingitfanfiction.tumblr

    Cute, intense, passionate, flirty…along with a massive hint on where it’s going for Karma :) There’s a trip to Austin in here. I probably wont update for awhile, St. Patricks day is Thursday, which basically means the whole country will shut down, and...

  • Since we’re getting ready for a group bicycle ride across Mexico, I thought I would share the story of another journey in that land: the tale of a young girl’s first trip out of her own country with her grandfather. This true story was sent to me as...

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