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  • great history read below http://www.theworldoftruth.net/HallettReport/No6.html#.UR3fKLvLhYA THE HALLETT REPORT No. 6 The Abdication of ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II We are NOW in an Interregnum The Real Deal with Dr. Jim Fetzer, 14 January 2013. In HALLETT...

  • 48 B.C. Alexandria, Egypt Prologue Julius Caesar listened to the centurion, his face grim. The news was not good. His escape route was cut off. While the ship bearing his precious cargo had escaped the siege, the Egyptians had effectively ensured that...

  • The Islamization of Britain in 2016
    via breakingisraelnews

    Sharia courts administering Islamic justice in Britain are run by clerics who believe some offenders should have their hands chopped off, according to Muslim scholar Elham Manea. She described the prevailing attitude as “totalitarian” and as more backward...

  • Horror fans, rejoice: Halloween is almost here! For readers looking for titles that deliver the chills, these 25 novels offer haunted houses, abandoned asylums, murderous trees, vengeful witches, ravenous ghouls, and one nightmare-inducing doll. These...

  • What was Britain like in AD 130, 80 years after the Roman conquest? Bronwen Riley takes a look... Welcome to Britannia: Roman Britain in AD 130 Bronwen Riley takes the pulse of Roman Britain in AD 130 and finds that, 80 years after the conquest, tensions...

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    Antiques, collectibles, quality items for the home. Most with a British accent

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