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  • This morning as I walked to the studio I was doing what geeks do best: pondering a slightly esoteric mathematical quandary. Ingraining the American spirit of optimism at a young age, and under dubious circumstances, our schools always taught rounding...

  • I have encountered a block in my programming escapade. The project that I am working on is from a visual basic 6.0 programming book and is a program that opens a data file filled with roman numerals, read to end of file, and outputs the numerals digit...

  • I need to analyse a binary data file containing raw data from a scientific instrument. A quick look in a hex viewer indicates that's probably no encryption or anything fancy: integers will probably be written as integers (but I don't know what byte order...

  • Brief overview of numbers in Python programming language
    via appliedelectronicsengineering.blogspot

    Numbers in Python programming language are similar to other programming languages such as C and its derivatives, javascript, java etc. Numbers can be inputted to the console and acted upon using operators like in Matlab programming language to see immediate...

  • Constants and Basic types of Constants
    via allittechnologies.blogspot

    Constants : Constants in C refer to fixed values that do not change during the execution of a program, i.e once the value is declared, it is not changed throughout the program. C supports several types of constants as shown in he figure The following...

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