WELSTech Wels. For the first time in 9+ years, Martin and Sallie are in the interviewee chairs as Nicole Balza questions the WELSTech co-hosts...


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  • Many people say that the hardest part about getting a job is having to undergo the often stressful recruitment process, where the applicant has to undergo a battery of tests and interviews to evaluate their suitability for the job they are applying for...

  • By Amy Osbourne, CEI Intern Writer Scott Jones remarks, “We’re at the dawn of a new industry loosely called ‘wearable technology’ that may have reached $4.6 billion in sales around the world already this year ” (Jones, 2013). While pervasive computing...

  • News 10/2/13
    via histalk2

    Top News All but four of 184 ONC staffers are furloughed as a result of the October 1 government shutdown, along with about 40,000 (52 percent) HHS employees. ONC has also put on hold its Standards and Interoperability work, privacy and security policy...

  • One of the things that has bothered me for years about digital signage product marketing is the heavy, almost maniacal use of terms like engagement, experience and immersive by some companies. It’s this idea and assumption I see repeatedly that putting...

  • Tripping with Tripla
    via suitcasestories

    Michael and I are always looking for new ways to plan out our travels and we recently discovered Tripla. Tripla is a new, interactive, travel-planning tool by Villariaz, a travel company whose mission is to help travelers create awe-inspiring journeys...

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  • WELSTech

    This week we observe WELSTech’s milestone recording of episode 500 with a history making interview. For the first time in 9+ years, Martin and Sallie are in the interviewee chairs as Nicole Balza ques...

  • School Technology Planning Presentation

    School Technology Planning Presentation About WELSTech exists to explore the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. Video and audio episodes are released weekly. This show is sponsore...

  • office

    office The discussion: Something new on WELSTech – The new fall season of podcasting is in full swing and there’s a new topic to explore!  With this episode we kick off a series which will focus on th...

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