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  • Horse Taming
    via reddead.wikia

    ← Older revision Revision as of 12:30, January 28, 2013 Line 1: Line 1: [[File:Rdr_horsebreaking.png|border|300px|right|[[John Marston]] taming a wild horse.]] [[File:Rdr_horsebreaking.png|border|300px|right|[[John Marston]] taming a wild horse...

  • The final piece of the 2016 Kentucky Derby pace puzzle has come together with the post-position draw now complete. The post positions are of utmost importance in charting out how the race will unfold as they make the long run into the first turn of...

  • Tough Training Techniques
    via montyroberts

    Correspondence between Monty and Readers of Ask Monty From: Danell Adams to Monty Monty, I rcv your updates on a regular basis and enjoy the stories and information. However, today I received the response to horses not wishing to be caught&hellip...

  • The Willie Lynch Letter: The Making Of A Slave!
    via freespeechtwentyfirstcentury

  • Horse Health
    via houseandhome

    Abortion The normal gestation period of a mare is between eleven and twelve months. Abortion in horses is defined as the death and expulsion of the fetus before ten months. The causes of abortion are varied but they can be grouped under general headings...

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