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  • PESHAWAR: As the price of a life in today’s world is reduced to tuppence, the last rites and a final resting place still cost thousands of rupees. Within the shadows of noiseless graveyards, an entire industry of gravediggers and burial ground custodians...

  • Nearly a dozen training camps and hideouts of terrorist groups have been destroyed and over a dozen terrorists – including a top trainer of suicide bombers – have been killed in two days of artillery shelling by Pakistan’s military, Afghan sources confirmed...

  • The CDWP approved 9 projects costing Rs. 9.126 billion. Approved projects include Pakistan Social and Living Standard Measurement (PSLM) Survey (Re-Revised).Total Cost:Rs. 900.687 million, 3 projects at Total Cost: Rs.2105.993million including 60 Bed...

  • Peshawar
    via en.wikivoyage

    ‎See ← Older revision Revision as of 21:24, 6 July 2015 Line 65: Line 65: * '''Villages''' Regi, Lakaray, Mulazi, Nasir Bagh, Palosi, Naway Kalay, Achini, Tehkal, Shahi Bala, Mathra, Pir Bala, Hazar Khawani, Rehman Baba Mazar, * '''Villages'''...

  • LAHORE: Punjabi writers, poets and scholars have been exhorted to use the social media for promoting the Punjabi language in the wake of government’s apathy towards the cause. “Intellectuals, scholars, poets and writers present should make effective...

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  • Taimur Khan | Alifbépé ~ ا ب پ

    ہوں میں بھی تماشائیِ نیرنگِ تمنّا مطلب نہیں کچھ اس سے کہ مطلب ہی بر آوے Even I am a spectator of the marvel of longing; From this there's no intention that only intention comes to fruition. --Ghalib ﺯ...

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