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  • Pick up in store is a joke

    First I want to start off by saying I've always been a loyal Bestbuy consumer. I've purchased computer parts, video games, laptops, Flat screen TVs, and more. However, it seems that Bestbuy is heading in a downward spiral; falling way behind in the...

  • How Does Your Merced Process Server Answer These Questions? No matter what kind of service business you’re trying to retain, it’s always a smart strategy to have a set of questions ready you’d like to have answered prior to working together. Your particular...

  • Process server assault is a growing issue in the United States. The PAAPRS campaign, Promoting Assault Awareness and Protective Regulations for Servers, focuses on raising awareness about this issue and opening the eyes of the public to the realities...

  • The Most Damaging Wikileaks, SO FAR
    via fatherlyadviceandrants

    This stuff is mind-blowing. Some of it is kind of funny through. Obama lied: He knew about Hillary’s secret server and wrote to her using a pseudonym, cover-up happened https://vault.fbi...

  • DoubleClick Search May Trainings
    via doubleclicksearch.blogspot

    Learn the ins and outs of DoubleClick Search through our various training offerings. DoubleClick Search Fundamentals Certification is available anytime, anywhere! This multimedia, self-paced training is great for new and current DS users who want to...

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