First I want to start off by saying I've always been a loyal Bestbuy consumer. I've purchased computer parts, video games, laptops, Flat screen TVs, and more.

However, it seems that Bestbuy is heading in a downward spiral; falling way behind in the latest technologies available for retail stores. I will share my current situation as proof.

I made a purchase today on bestbuy.com and I knew I wanted to use the "Pick up in store" option. I figured the whole point of this is to save time, right? It's a pretty simple concept- pay for an item online, pick it up in the store. But with Bestbuy, its not that simple.

I made a purchase at around 10:30AM today for pick up in store. I didn't bother to check for the fufillment email as I assumed 3 hours would be plenty of time for an associate to grab an item that is coincidently just 15 feet from the service desk. The associate at my local store informed me that my order was not ready for pick up yet. So I looked over at the item I wanted to purchase, again 15 feet away from the desk, and I said "I'll go grab it so someone else doesn't have to". Because I understand associates can get busy and tasks can get over looked, but I'm immediatly told that it doesnt work that way, as the system hasn't finished "processing" my order... Is Bestbuy still using dial up? Are the transaction processing servers located on Pluto? How is it that I can go to a car dealership and "sign and drive away" with a new car the same day, but I can't place an order on bestbuy.com for a hard drive, that costs less than $50, picked up in the store the same day? Surely Bestbuy's systems and services process much faster than that... Take a look at Amazon, I can place an order and have it be delivered in less time than it takes for bestbuy to "process" my order.

But to continue, the associate then suggests we cancel my online order and then I can check out with the item as if I didnt use the web at all. Sounds good. But wait, I can't use the $5 best buy rewards certificate(that we earned from giving Bestbuy our business) or the coupon I was sent towards the purchase? Because again, Bestbuy's system processes requests about as fast as if I dropped a letter off at USPS. The associate said I would have to pay full price because of this. It was unacceptable for me to think that Bestbuy values me as a customer enough to give me a measly $8 off my purchase. Don't worry Bestbuy you can keep the $8.

But wait there is more... At this point, i'm leaving the store disappointed and completely unsatisfied with my experience. Due to my long history of being a Bestbuy customer, I decide to give Bestbuy another chance to make things right, or at least try to do something. So I call the customer service help center and wait the 30 minutes to talk to a robot of a human. I'm given no sympathy and none of my concerns are addressed. All I'm told by the representative is that our conversation is being recorded and it will be heard by "upper management". Now I understand the representative I spoke to is just a glorified telemarketer, who works in distribution center like conditions, but even so I would expect a little more from a company that claims to offer "expert service". I was not given the option to speak with anyone who could actually doing anything for me and was offered no recourse.

I have to admit that I've had a lot of bad experiences with retailers but none of which lead me to writing a rant like this. Maybe its because when I have a bad experience at Walmart or the Department of Motor Vehicles i'm anticipating the possibility. I hoped that Bestbuy would never make this list. I'm disappointed because I expected more from a company that i've grown to love. But its apparent that Bestbuy is falling behind in their priorites and technology. Its unacceptable to me that I can place an order online with a home improvement company like Lowes, and am given the assurance that my order will be ready for pickup within 20 minutes, guaranteed. This sounds familir to Bestbuy's 45 minutes or less slogan. I understand stuff happens and mistakes are made. But take Lowe's for exampe, they've failed on their obligation to have my pick up ready in 20 minutes, but they also took responsibility and offered a discount as a way to acknowledge their mistake. I hoped Bestbuy would do the same and show thier customers that they are valued. If they can't do this then they should not mislead their customers with a marketing ploy such as seen on bestbuy.com's global promotion page: "Pick up your order in as little as 45 minutes*" I guess the asterick may expand and say "or as much as 2 weeks" depending on how far away the item is from the service desk.

From the time I placed my order at 10:30AM today to now, I've waited roughly 10 hours, drove twice to my local Bestbuy, called the customer help center, called the local store, wrote this rant, and still have not received my order fufilment email which said "Same day pick-up 8/22" (lets not mention the 45 minute thing again). And now my local store is closed and theĀ 120GB SSD I ordered is still collecting dust on the rack just 15 feet from the service desk. And it will continue to collect dust along with any other products I might have considered purchasing in the furture unless Bestbuy finally decides to acknowledge their unprofessionalism and provide some type recourse and maybe get around to fufilling my order too.

Sincerely disappointed,


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